Biomutant Dev Says Their Game Is Similar In Structure To The Legend Of Zelda Breath Of The Wild

Experiment 101's Biomutant has been creating quite a buzz as the game is perhaps one of the most unique takes on an open world RPG.

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bluefox7552433d ago (Edited 2433d ago )

I hope not. From the footage I watched, I got more of a Horizon Zero Dawn meets Devil May Cry vibe. Definitely a good looking game though to be sure.

EddieNX 2433d ago (Edited 2433d ago )

Why would you hope not? BOTW has undeniably one of the best structures in any open world game ever. It encourages exploration in any direction you want with hundreds of things to do scattered all across a huge map with 0 handholding or linearity.

In other words, the perfect structure for an open world game which is why it sits at 97 on Metacritic.

I swear there's loads of people on this site who never played BOTW and then comment saying it's their least favorite Zelda game.... you can criticise BOTW for it feeling like a traditional Zelda game, but that's what they intended to do. Create a true open world Zelda game which is more focused on exploration that Story.

Christopher2431d ago

Not everyone desires a game with unfettered structure and instead want a storyline that leads you across the world with side adventure potential throughout.

Personally, I prefer games like The Witcher and Zero Dawn. But I enjoy the unfettered types, just rarely as much as the aforementioned.

Essentially, YMMV.

EddieNX 2431d ago (Edited 2431d ago )

At the end of the day BOTW is one of the greatest open world games ever made. Period.

So for another developer to compare their games open world structure to BOTW's is a very, very good thing.

The fact people try and downplay shows that most of these people haven't played it and are just Nintendo haters. Sad but true.

-Foxtrot2431d ago (Edited 2431d ago )

Oh shush...anyone who calls it less then perfect to you are automatically people who "haven't played it"...we have, we just aren't sucked into the hype and think other Zelda games were better.

It's pointless exploring a shit load if most of the world is dead and there's not a lot of variety...especially enemy wise. Walk 15 minutes straight in Skyrim and you'll come across either bandits, giants, necromancers, skeletons, mammoths, thugs, forsworn, warlocks, Ice wraith, trolls, wolves, witches, spiders and f***** dragons, this is a 2011 game by the way. Walk 15 in Zelda and it's "Oh a enemy camp...with the same enemies that were just in the last few camps". It's like Skyrim if they only had Bandits, Vampires and Draugr but in 12 skins. If BotW was released in 2011 fair enough but it wasn't...decent game, high quality but nothing special.

"At the end of the day BOTW is one of the greatest open world games ever made. Period"


EddieNX 2431d ago (Edited 2431d ago )

The worst Nintendo haters on this site have all played BOTW and hate it. I just find that kind of fishy, especially when all the game critics seem to absolutely love it and have said "one of the greatest open world games ever"

Don't take my word for it, take the critics word for it. I know I trust them more than Haters who haven't even played it.

When it wins GOTY awards (and it will) you will all still be sat there saying 'it doesn't deserve it herp derp'
Even though it does ....

And yh OPINIONS. Doubled edged sword except mine matches what almost every video game journalist also believes and yours doesn't. Probably because you're so amazingly cool.

AspiringProGenji2431d ago

No one is saying BoTW is a bad game but God forbid if someone doesn't say it is perfect. What is your problem?

I love BoTW and still playing it on Switch but I agree with chris. I prefer How W3 and Horizon do storytelling over BoTW. It was fun to explore and uncover the map on BotW but other than that there's little to care about and/or progression in that world.

If Biomutant is looking to do this as well then it will limit the potential of telling a great story

Deep-throat2431d ago

Because it ain't PS4 exclusive + not cinematic enough.

I don't think BOTW deserves 97 on Metacritic, but I think it destroys Ubisoft's modern open world games (hint hint).

Aenea2431d ago

"At the end of the day BOTW is one of the greatest open world games ever made. Period."

In your opinion tho...

I like it, but it's not the best by a wide margin, in my opinion...

Christopher2431d ago

***The fact people try and downplay shows that most of these people haven't played it and are just Nintendo haters. Sad but true.***

Show me where I downplayed it. Saying what it is and preferring something else isn't downplaying it.

ShadowWolf7122431d ago

Oh it's very deniable, Eddie.

CorndogBurglar2431d ago (Edited 2431d ago )

Just stop already.

I haven't played BOTW but its not crazy to think some people might prefer other open world games.

Through all of your comments you seem to think that just because a game gets great reviews across ghe boarx that means no one is allowed to dislike it, or else they are just haters trying to be cool.

For instance, I don't like The Last of Us. One of the greatest games of all time. I recognize that, yet it isn't for me. Am I trying to be cool because my opinion goes against the vast majority of reviewers and gamers? No. I just simply didn't enjoy playing it. Its that simple.

Horizon Zero Dawn. Its a great game. But it didn't do anything that other open world games haven't done already. In fact a lot of its features can be found in much older Far Cry games. It was just a very well made game with interesting enemies. Am I a hater for having that opinion? No. Its just how I feel about the game.

So stop with this nonsense. BlueFox didn't give you enough in his comment to make the assumption that he's just a hater. So I'm not sure where all of this is coming from. But believe it or not, people can and will form their own opinions about games, and most of them won't think twice about making sure its okay with you before they do.

StormLegend2431d ago

BOTW is so overrated and it sickens me when fanboys get mad when people says it isn't perfect. I'm a big Zelda fan but that doesn't mean I gotta love BOTW like it's the greatest thing ever made. It's not even my top 3 favorite Zelda games

_-EDMIX-_2431d ago

@Travis-I absolutely agree I could never put breath of the wild up with my top three favorite Zelda games this game removed enough features that it just can't really hold that title for me.

It wasn't a bad game but I can't even say it was my favorite game I played this entire year. There's a lot of things I come to expect from a Zelda game and I was actually quite shocked that this game got rid of traditional Dungeons and had those stupid walking temples those easily might be the most boring dungeons to ever exist in side of a Zelda game there's no role in its even missing a whole list of items.

The stupid anti-gravity thing is irrelevant this is not half life 2, this is not dead space it was just out of place gimmick that they desperately tried to shoehorn into the game.

So as of right now my top three Zelda games in 3D anyway are going to remain Ocarina of Time Twilight Princess Wind Waker.

I actually like purposeful exploration not just this meaningless endless open world of just Baron nothingness it's easily one of the most boring open worlds I've ever explored in a game.

Midway through I literally just stopped exploring use the guide to get to the rest of the parts of the game and just stopped playing once I beat the last boss.

I don't have time playing an open-world for items and experiences that don't actually exist.

So once I got all the major items and went to all the different bosses in temples and finish the last boss there was nothing else for me to play I have no reason to explore a part of the game knowing that there will not actually be a real quest dungeon or even boss to face.

But by all means if you guys want meaningless exploration you guys might as well be throwing no man's Sky into that game of the year category since you guys love to explore a bunch of junk so much.

I mean I thought they all love this idea of this large volume of stuff to explore? Lol

I would argue even no man's sky has more purpose behind its exploration in regards to the main Narrative of the game then breath of the wild which is quite sad because I never expected that to be the case for a Zelda game.

I want traditional dungeons back I want more weapons I want the rollback and I want more interesting bosses this game is just nothing like the previous Zelda games in the most negative way I could think.

As of removing those features made the game better or something lol

It just sounds like lazy game development where Nintendo saw the opportunity to cash in on open World Games by just making a very lazy open world game that felt largely unfinished in terms of the limited amount of actual Variety in the boss's dungeons and weaponry and items.

-Foxtrot2431d ago



Nintendo made a lazy open world game selling the exploration in an empty world as the fun bit. If you had a guide for the main part of Skyrim for example you'd still have a shit load to do after. There's meaning to explore as it leads to new gear WHICH WONT BREAK and new side missions. Even the setting I think of BotW was done to divert criticism "oh it's a bit dead in the world"..."yeah but it's like post apocalyptic"

The majority of things in BotW were a step back that's the real truth

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Big_Game_Hunters2431d ago (Edited 2431d ago )

Hes not talking about aethstetic .

-Foxtrot2433d ago

I'm loving the gameplay we've seen but I did not get a BotW feel at all

I just think they are saying that since BotW has been a huge thing this year and linking to it is good PR

coolbeans2431d ago

I'm replying here to say I agree as well. :)

Big_Game_Hunters2431d ago

He said structure not gameplay. However i do agree with you that devs want to link similarities to BOTW because its the best open world this year.

Miss_Weeboo2431d ago (Edited 2431d ago )

HA! I told you that the trailer reminded me of Zelda, and you all say that I was crazy... It's a talent, I have it, you don't

phntom2431d ago

pretty much this, not even close to Zelda

Outlawzz2431d ago

Everybody wants to mention Zelda in their interviews this year lol if that game ain't game of the year I would be surprised

20live2431d ago

Hands Down GOTY. I bought a Switch for this one game alone and I have not owned a single Nintendo Console apart from the Game Boy handhelds.

2431d ago
Tru80zGamer2431d ago

Enjoyed the game as well, but as far as the Switch is concerned, Mario may be the title looking to take that crown..