Nintendo Switch Version Of FIFA 18 Suffering From Horrifying Face Glitch; Here’s A Look At Images

ThisGenGaming says "FIFA 18 on the Switch is currently suffering from a face glitch which loads a default character model face. Here's a look at images we have captured."

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Prince_TFK624d ago

Oh EA, you publish shitty and half assed game on the Switch then proceed to call it "must have" like Zelda and Mario Kart 8D and then expect it to sell.

Learn from Ubisoft and Bethesda next time. And if this your last and only game on the Switch I say good riddance.

Araragifeels 624d ago

Learn from Ubisoft and Bethesda, hahahaha. Bethesda are profession delivery broken game with no fixed while Ubisoft delivered broken game, Server all together.

Prince_TFK624d ago

You are right, but I was talking about great support for the Switch, and EA is just half assed their support.

wonderfulmonkeyman624d ago (Edited 624d ago )

So maybe learn from the MISTAKES of Ubi and Bethesda's pasts, then?

That seems to fit, if we're going by your statement.

Either way we spin it here, DOOM, Skyrim, and the new Wolfenstein II on Switch look like they'll be much better experiences than FIFA 18, far as polish goes at least.
And despite initial fears, Ubisoft knocked it out of the park with Mario+Rabbids Kingdom Battle, despite doing so poorly with other titles outside of Rayman, like Watch Dogs. [Which, by the way, I own and have completed several times on Wii U]

EA hasn't had a very good track record on Nintendo's consoles, and this is just another feather in the ugly cap for them as far as Nintendo efforts go. Even when comparing to Beth and Ubi who have both had barrel-bottom-scraping moments, FIFA 18 is kinda bad.

What's worse is that the head honcho tried to claim that this would be as much of a system seller as Zelda or Mario.
Who wouldn't laugh at that kind of narcissism?XD

_-EDMIX-_624d ago

@Kun-no you're actually only talking about the perceived support by Bethesda for the switch you actually have no clue how the outcome of those games are going to be.

So the only thing you could do which I believe is fair is give them the benefit of the doubt but I think it's way way too too soon and unrealistic to already start believing that they're offering better support when you never even played their games on the platform yet

As much as I love Skyrim we all know that game is going to come loaded with bugs on the switch.

Nothing's wrong with the hardware but you can't fix lazy development don't get me wrong bethesda's one of my favorite Publishers in Skyrim is one of my all-time favorite games but I'm not going to sit here and pretend as if it doesn't have a monster list of bugs and glitches that have yet to be addressed.

I would wait for all of those games to release before casting judgement.

RommyReigns624d ago

Ubisoft? Bethesda?

Bethesda can't make a flawless game on PlayStation consoles even if they were held at gunpoint, and Ubisoft lmfao did you forget about the Watchdogs and Asscreed Unity debacles?

giovonni624d ago (Edited 624d ago )

“You know what, that’s not that bad. It kind of gives the game character...” - EA Board of directors roundtable meeting

foster426624d ago

At least it isn't as bad as the MLB 17 The Show face glitches. Those made me itch.

Segata624d ago

eh, not as horrible as the MLB the Show 17 glitch. That was truly horrifying.

iDadio624d ago

Rather look at this glitch than Rooneys actual face

bloop624d ago

Anything would look better than that.

TheColbertinator624d ago

That tosser is more ugly than the back end of a used jam rag

wonderfulmonkeyman624d ago

I don't know what the back end of a used jam rag looks like, but I'm assuming it's pretty bad.XD

Foraoise624d ago

I literally laughed out loud at this haha! Upvoted.

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