FIFA 18 Has Sold Over 24 Million Copies Worldwide

FIFA 18 reached the milestone of over 24 million copies sold worldwide.

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MunchMiller00139d ago

Game sales aren't what are concerning. What's concerning is, how much money was dumped into cash shop garbage, by the intellectual sludge of humanity?

proudly_X139d ago

No wonder they keep releasing garbage every year.. I doubt PES got a fraction of that figure. Shame!

AnubisG139d ago

.....and that is still not enough money for EA. After sales like this they still need to nickle and dime their customers.

Outlawzz138d ago

Thats an insane amount. Imagine how much microtransactions that is. Majority of ppl just don't care and those are the ones that make the biggest difference unfortunately

Sgt_Slaughter138d ago (Edited 138d ago )

FIFA and Madden sales/microtransactions are the reason EA won't change. People who keep feeding money into their company that are casual enough to not care how much money they spend or even realize how much they've already spent in total are the problem. The name alone sells 10M+ every year, regardless of quality or features.

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