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thisGenGaming Says="It’s a decently fun game in its own right, but if I had to pay full price for it on release I may have felt cheated because there isn’t enough content to warent the asking price of a full game when measured to today’s standards. Star Fox 2 has to be experienced through some form of nostalgia glasses to be truly enjoyable as the graphics really don’t hold up that well in 2017. Since most of us get to experience it as part of a larger collection of games though, we should just appreciate that Nintendo finally gave us the chance to play it."

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Cy1015d ago

This is a 25 year old game. It's not supposed to live up to today's standards. Those standards literally didn't exist when the game was made. Judging it as a modern game is stupid.

letsa_go1015d ago

haha I totally agree. Almost anything will come up short if you compare something 25 years old to something new. I want to know how it compares to the original starfox but they didn't seem to go over that much at all. I will just have to try it out for myself. I will say that all the music I heard so far gives me that nostalgia from the first game.

bloodyspasm1015d ago (Edited 1015d ago )

It's first and foremost more fun than the original! I kind of had to force myself to play through Star Fox, but I had a decent time with Star Fox 2. Lost my first attempt, then beat the game 3 times in a row. Just a shame a playthrough only lasts about 40-50 minutes...

bloodyspasm1015d ago (Edited 1015d ago )

I have to disagree somewhat. We can all agree that some games never lose their flair, most 2D pixelated games can still look very appealing today. You even have modern games trying to imitate those. But star fox 2 misses that visual appeal. And that was one of the original game's main draws when it released.