Gravity Rush 2 Online Services Shutting Down January 19

Gravity Rush 2 fans are in for some bad news, as Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan Asia has announced that the game’s online services will be shutting down early next year

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UCForce385d ago (Edited 385d ago )

"Sigh" I really like this game.But I can still playing this game offline. Sony Japan Studio do made some really good games and have unique art style, but the sale is never enough.

Septic385d ago (Edited 385d ago )

Hmm...does this even have a large userbase online?

bouzebbal385d ago


no, and that's not the point.
the online mode is dynamically fitted into the world and you can review people's pictures to get dusty tokens.
nothing that will punish the future owners of this great game!

Septic385d ago

I didn't mean it as a slight on it. GR2 looks good and I intend to play it.

TheUndertaker85385d ago (Edited 385d ago )

@bouzebbal: I'd imagine that is the point. Otherwise the servers wouldn't be shutting down if the game had a larger userbase online.

Deep-throat385d ago

Sony couldn't support GR2 with its simplistic online features for a few years? Then why people pay to play online? What's the point of PS+?

Did you know that people still play old MP games on the 360? Games like Gears of War 1, CoD2, Rainbow Six Vegas 1...

Enjoy being a loyalist bro!

Mr-Dude385d ago (Edited 385d ago )

What! Boooh! Really Sony, dick move. Treasure hunts are cool!

AspiringProGenji385d ago

I'm guessing it doesn't have that many concurrent players anymore. I'm glad I got to experience the online portion of this game. Treasure hunts, sharing and rating photos were really fun. I will replay this game before the servers go off

rainslacker385d ago

Is the platinum tied to the servers? I haven't gotten to GR2 yet, but might start it next if I have to participate in the online stuff to get a few trophies.

AspiringProGenji385d ago

I don't remember any trophy being tied to the servers honestly. You should be good

rainslacker384d ago

Sounds good. Will double check though once I muddle my way through all these KH trophies I'm working on.:)

Palitera385d ago

Yeah, I hope they try to make a flop sequel, so they can know the real price of such a disrespectful decision.

1Victor385d ago

At least Sony respect the wishes of it fan base now where is conker, cameo, Alan wake, killer instinct, and soon to be sea of ..,....never mind go back to troll pre-school you fail the entrance exam palitera

Palitera385d ago

I own a X1 and a PS4. It's over 6 months since I turned my X1 on and I prefer the Sony console by far.
Just so you know how ridiculous you are.

BTW, what does MS has to do with this? Sheep.

solderman385d ago (Edited 385d ago )

Remind me again why we are paying PS+ again? Which has also increased in price. It sure as hell wasn't for games to shut down their online server a year later.

Genuine-User385d ago

You answered your own question.

Erik7357385d ago

I think they should allow the online portion to atleast go on until the end of the cycle

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InTheZoneAC385d ago

This about as dumb as me asking why idiots pay for live when first party games keep getting cancelled

Scatpants385d ago

I think it's so they can play online on their Xboxes. Not sure why you have to ask that. If you play on console and want to play multiplayer you pretty much have to.

Nyxus385d ago

Are there any trophies tied to the online?

Nyxus385d ago

Alright, thanks! Still need to pick this game up but there are so many good games coming out...

Teflon02385d ago

Online is nothing really but just bonus hide and seek using pictures type thing. 8 have and amassed 10k dusty tokens in may or so and honestly, it definitely added a few hours for me since I needed like 5k to get all costumes (2 are from getting a certain amount of dusty tokens). But if they just simply update it to where you just need gr1 to get them or auto unlock, then it makes no difference. Basically the online is almost non existent. Past seeing pictures ppl post and pictures for hide and seek lol

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