Red Dead Redemption 2's DLC Should Look to Westworld for Robot Inspiration

Red Bull Games Australia has posited what Red Dead Redemption 2's DLC could look like, framing from the brilliant Undead Nightmare for the first game, only they're suggesting Rockstar looks to robots instead of the undead.

"We want Westworld-inspired downloadable content. And we’re talking about the recent HBO series as inspiration rather than the older (though largely more charming) original movies. The reasons here are five-fold: having NPCs in a game-world you aren’t sure if they’re robots or not is one thing, but also having robots aware they’re robots in said game-world, and that they’re there for your sick pleasure, and so are planning against you without you knowing whether they are or aren’t, creates a level of edge-of-your-seat gameplay almost unheard of. Unless of course you've seen the non-interactive first-season of HBO's Westworld. Did we mention that it was non-interactive?

At any rate, the tension is one part. But then there’s the opportunity to introduce the player to two worlds -- a modern day (or futuristic) one, and the theme park one. But which one is real and all sorts of existential questions could stem from any of this. Add to all of that Rockstar’s trademark dark and dry humour, and you could have players questioning their real-life shadows. The possibilities are that great."

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UCForce1153d ago

Oh my god ! I would love that.

SilverDemon1153d ago

what about steampunk theme?

Liqu1d1153d ago

That would be pretty cool, assuming they bother to do any SP DLC.

Rebel_Scum1153d ago

As long as it ain't zombie's.

thejigisup1153d ago

I hate having to expect dlc. Cant we just get a full experience in a single first straight shot right on the disc?

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