Top Five Rare-Developed Games Since Being Purchased by Microsoft

Phil writes, "It was exactly fifteen years ago today when the studio of Rare, known for its close partnership with Nintendo, officially was bought by Microsoft, thus making Rare a 100% Microsoft-owned studio to help a budding new Xbox brand build, grow, and gain momentum right out of the starting gate.

Throughout Rare's continued and close relationship with Nintendo, the Stamper brothers, the founders and then-primary owners of Rare, sold more and more of their stake in the company to Nintendo. By 2002, the Stampers wanted to sell Rare and turned to Nintendo first to fully hand over their stakes and ownership of their company. Nintendo did not agree to purchase the Stampers' stake, so the bidding war for ownership eventually came down to Activision and Microsoft with the latter becoming the purchaser of Rare for $375 million.

Now, an argument regarding whether or not Microsoft got its money's worth from Rare happens to this day, but that's really not the focus of this special article. Instead, SuperPhillip Central turns to Rare's output post-Nintendo and in the Microsoft era. Which five games from the new Rare shine as brightly as a Jiggy from Banjo-Kazooie or are as sensational as a strike in Kinect Sports' bowling? Let's find some answers (well, SuperPhillip Central's answers at least!). Note: As Rare Replay is a compilation title, it is not eligible for this list."

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PhoenixUp482d ago

Eeesh you're right, it has been 15 since Microsoft bought Rare.

I remember being amazed how Rare was able to produce 6 games in 2005, which was their most productive year since the acquisition. I wish they were as productive in later years.

Phil32482d ago

Probably due to how grueling game development is now with the more powerful systems, higher budgets, and all that stuff that slows down the pace of Rare and many development studios for that matter.

PhoenixUp482d ago

Yeah I know. I'm just saying Rare used to be the pros at multitasking between projects

letsa_go481d ago (Edited 481d ago )

All they have done in the last 7 years are Kinect Sports games and Xbox Avatars. It is almost as if MS told them to copy what Nintendo was doing with the Wii. Sea of Thieves is their first original game since Kinect Sports.

I think all anyone ever wanted from them was to make another high quality platformer.

PhoenixUp481d ago

It cannot be denied that Rare had a tendency to play to the trends, exploring the same genres and tropes as other games, usually from Nintendo, that had recently been successful.

- Donkey Kong Country followed Super Mario World.
- Banjo-Kazooie followed Super Mario 64.
- Diddy Kong Racing followed Mario Kart.

This isn't a new occurrence. Even under Microsoft Rare was just still in a way sticking to their roots.

481d ago
PhoenixUp481d ago

What reason would Microsoft have to sell those franchises?

481d ago
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Kribwalker482d ago

i agree with all of them but banjo kazooie nuts and bolts. i didn’t like that one much. but Viva Pinata was amazing. because of some glitch i couldn’t get 2 achievements in it but i’m like 960 gamerscore from that one

Septic481d ago

Ffs MS get your act together and greenlight another Perfect Dark!

mcstorm481d ago

Ide love to see a new PD game and for me this could sit well with halo to in their fps gore. Love a real banjo game and also like a battle todes to but I am not sure how well that would be i think they need to make it a 3rd person like gears rather than a side scroller.

TheColbertinator481d ago

Jet Force Gemini 2 please. Ignore the rest.

cha0sknightmare481d ago

Perfect Dark Zero was a good game I thought. It was let down by wonky animation, bad voice acting and lame story telling... but the moment to moment game play, and expansive multiplayer (for the time) made a decent package for the 360 at launch.

Concertoine481d ago (Edited 481d ago )

Back when games had bots...

The fact that a stable and not very buggy launch game with a crap load of content was deemed rushed back then shows how low the bar is these days.

Counter-operative mode is still one of the coolest ideas for a game mode.

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