Can Borderlands 2 Get Ported To The Nintendo Switch?

The Nintendo Switch is getting lots of good ports in the future including DOOM and Wolfenstein 2. Well now another AAA game could be ported too.

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wonderfulmonkeyman442d ago

I own it on PS3, so while the prospect of restarting my Bad-ass Ranks all over again is a little daunting, I'd double dip again just to have it on Switch. I mostly play it docked but I've been getting out a bit more lately, so having BL2 around to play when out and about would be an incredible thing.

EddieNX 442d ago

Yes. Litteraly any last gen game could easily be ported to the Switch as it's more powerful than last gen even in handheld mode.

The question is what current generation games can come to the Switch.

Summons75441d ago

Well if Doom and Wolfenstein 2 can then I don't see which ones can't come to the Switch. Maybe something like The Witcher 3 or FF15 (since from recent interviews they really want to port it over but they are having trouble) but it's going to come down to the engine used and developer/publisher willingness to put in the work and money.

Perjoss441d ago

Portable DOOM and Wolfenstein is kinda crazy when you think about it, even if they get a sizeable downgrade.

OoglyBoogly441d ago


Eh, not really. They're pretty easy games to run already. Doom runs at 1080p and 60fps on the stock the Switch, although weaker, shouldn't have an issue (especially since it's apparently running at 30fps).

Wolfenstein CAN be demanding if you crank the settings...but it can be a breeze when stuff is low enough.

So yeah, these games shouldn't have an issue on the Switch and they're not surprising.

andrewsquall441d ago

Not necessarily but it being on Unreal Engine 3 certainly helps. Since Switch can run Unreal Engine 4 too with ease, does that mean that with some downgrading Switch could run games like Crackdown 3, State of Decay 2 or Sea of Thieves, all games that run on the same Unreal Engine 4 multiplatform based engine?

EddieNX 441d ago

The Switch could easily run any ps3 or 360 game that's what I was saying. This is a no brainer what with it being significantly better than those 2 consoles...

DivineAssault 441d ago (Edited 441d ago )

Most current gen games are built with engines that are scaleable. The only problem is that devs are hesitant to bother making the adjustments if the game doesnt make them money.. I cant blame them either because games arent cheap to make plus they know they can use that time to make money on other systems.. The switch is a powerful/efficient handheld. The wii u was more marginally more powerful than PS3/360 and the switch is marginally more powerful than wii u. Good thing is nothing needs to be processed to a tablet screen and tv simultaneously so games dont need too much customizing. If the vita ran borderlands, the switch can easy.

michellelynn0976441d ago

Um Wolfenstein and Doom. You can port current gen to Switch.

PhoenixUp442d ago

It wouldn't be hard to port any 7th gen title over

Antnee534442d ago

If it is they better use the ps3 version not the vita. Won't lie the vita version was awesome, but God so many performance issued.

Eidolon441d ago

It wasn't worth playing on Vita IMO because of the performance. I don't think I needed a portable BL that bad -.-. I think the only good FPS for Vita was Killzone.

DivineAssault 441d ago

Killzone on vita was so good. They touted console like gaming on the go so much and then released a lot of crap that overshadowed KZ. A shame too because the vita was a nice system.. I still get games for it here and there but the switch smokes it.

PhoenixUp441d ago

Why would they port the Vita version?

SickSinceSix441d ago

It already got a Vita port, of course a Switch could run it.

441d ago
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