The Best Games from the Wolfenstein Series

This article looks over some of the best titles to have featured within the Wolfenstein series.

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PhoenixUp393d ago

Wolfenstein is the series that introduced nazi killing to this industry

Soulst0rmer392d ago

Completely left out The Old Blood which is one of the best games in the Wolfenstein series. Also it's kind of pointless to put Wolfenstein II The New Colossus on here if it's not even out yet. I'm sure it's going to be awesome though

quent391d ago

Haven't played a bad Wolfenstein yet, enjoyed them all

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jokerisalive391d ago (Edited 391d ago )

2009 Wolfenstein BY FAR my favorite. LOVED the locations, the story and the atmosphere. Would love to get a remaster or have it BC on the XB1.

brando008391d ago

Return to Castle Wolfenstein