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AZRoboto1898d ago

I wanted to love it so much, Trico was great when everything worked right.

But I swear a good third of my time was spent falling or stumbling because the camera just wasn't good and the kid stumbles a lot if you hit a wall or big rock wrong

Segata1898d ago

I may get downvoted to hell but I love the concept of Team Ico games but I don't think they play very well. So I play and love many games that kinda fit in that genre? Majin & The Forsaken Kingdom, Brothers a Tale of Two Sons, Lost in Rain, Lost in Shadow, RiME,Journey, Abzu and others that fall in that simpler but emotionally driven games. I am hoping the remake of Sotc fixes a lot of the issues I had with the original on PS2 which still sits on my shelf. I want to like them but the gameplay is so jank.

letsa_go1898d ago

Yeah I tried to get into it but I couldn't. The controls were super sluggish, and it looked like a ps2 game to me. I didn't get too far. I'm sure it is a good game to some people, but it just wasn't for me.

Gazondaily1898d ago

Strongly disagree on that one

guyman1898d ago (Edited 1898d ago )

The last Guardian was brilliant. Another masterpiece from Team ico and another reason why the ps4 is the best console.😚

gangsta_red1897d ago

When the camera kept looking right up Trico's ass I also thought, 'what a masterpiece'.

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Discobastrd1898d ago

Incredible game. Most people didn't get that Trico and controlling it was one of the larger puzzel designs. Anyone that had ever owned a pet really got this as well it seems from conversations I've had on the subject. Loved it. That team deserves so much repespect for being so daring in their game designs

TallonIV1898d ago

I enjoyed it somewhat but the controls were terrible and Trico would only respond half the time.

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Yui_Suzumiya1898d ago

Get Even was awesome though

Yohshida1898d ago

Alice: Madness Returns is one of the beste games from last gen

darthv721898d ago

Despite the flaws in Ryse and The Order... i enjoyed both and would welcome sequels.

thegamefox931898d ago (Edited 1898d ago )

I completely disagree...last guardian on the ps4 pro actually had SMOOTH gameplay...also if you understand what the game is about, the gameplay is very interesting...

It you only want twitchy, shooters or arcade games then you wouldn't' understand.

Also gravity rush 2 had great gameplay...It's supposed to be sorta awkward for a reason.

Segata1897d ago

Gravity Rush 2 plays better but has terrible mission designs. Gravity Rush 1 played worse but much better mission design. It's such a shame. I was looking forward to it.

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