First hands-on with Epic's massive shooter sequel Unreal Tournament 3

Amongst the glitz and bustle of Midway's overly-lavish Las Vegas gamers day, every journalist's first port of call is centered just behind the make-shift sushi bar, in a off-side PC LAN-rig where Epic Games - now proudly touted as "the makers of Gears of War"- is offering press the first chance to try out their latest Unreal Engine 3 bad boy, the freshly-renamed and gorgeous-looking Unreal Tournament 3.

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PS360PCROCKS4281d ago

yes this should be a good game to have, the artwork like the details on the levels reminds me alot of GOW, obviously it's Epic, just noticed it was similar

Icryo4280d ago

the multiplayer really. Never paid attention to the single-player. You can't beat a better game than Unreal...

Maldread4280d ago

The story will probally be total crap, but it isn`t really that type of game. The multiplayer will definatly be fun.