PlayStation Store Flash Sale For September 2017 Is Live, Here Are All The Deals

PlayStation Store is having a major flash sale this week. There are more than 160 games discounted in this sale across the PS3, PS4 and PS Vita.

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Visceral89388d ago

Almost all ps4 games in flash sales are weak.Older already discounted before, given out for ps plus or old unintresting games. They should give an extra discount on flash sales to ps plus members to make them a little enticing.

phoenixwing388d ago (Edited 388d ago )

I bought shiness the lightning kingdom, that was about it though all the others I wanted I bought before in other flash sales.

Yohshida388d ago

Ps3 are actually pretty good, always find something cheap

TomatoDragon388d ago

Some great deals. Definitely getting Senran Kagura Bon Appetite for Vita.

Sam Fisher388d ago

Been waiting for digimon, christ that took a while

TomatoDragon387d ago

Oh damn. Didn't see digimon. Thanks for the heads up.

Bismarn387d ago

or instead of enabling these useless game sites one could, you know, just go to PSN and see the sale themselves....

letsa_go387d ago

Imagine having to write about every sale that goes on just to get clicks. Ahhhh pennies of ad revenue!

ragnalamb387d ago

As far as I know, flash sales per-se, are on american stores.

rebeljoe14387d ago

Sword art online Re Hollow Fragment, and Jojo Bizarre adventure eye of heaven are pretty fun games if you want to get a good deal on them now is the time,

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The story is too old to be commented.