The existence of Knack 2 is a brilliant and ridiculous thing

GamesMoviesDeals: With Knack 2 being a surprise sequel to say the least, we dive into the reality of why its very existence is one of our favorite things of 2017.

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UCForce485d ago

I played the full game. And it so much better than first one. Don't judge by the demo, play the full game to see it yourself. Sure, the game isn't going to win GOTY (by VideoGameDunkey joke) but I'm sure it much more improved and more fun. I recommended.

DigitalRaptor484d ago (Edited 484d ago )

Judging by the reviews, it's certainly much better.

The demo they provided wasn't a wise choice, as it doesn't represent the game very well.

Apocalypse Shadow485d ago

It's great in the fact that Sony believes in second chances. Either that or Cerny did such an amazing job with PS4, that he's given some autonomy to make his franchise grow. Good that it turned out well for a sequel.

But if it's the former, then Sony, get on it and create the order "1887" with ready at dawn. I want that sequel.

The_Jackel484d ago

not only that but kids are an important part of gaming. any console needs kids games, as they all can't play COD, GTA, Evil within ect and whats any better then knack for them.

Darkstryder360485d ago

I hope they make a live action film of Knacks back story. Can't be any worse than Emoji Movie

Cajun Chicken484d ago

Brilliant sequel, a mix of Jak and Daxter and God of War, this time done right. Incredible sense of scale, brilliant pacing, really keeps you on your toes near the end.

Wouldn't mind another sequel.