Where Are All the Valve Games? Why We Haven’t Seen Half-Life 3, Left 4 Dead 3 or Portal 3

Check under your bed. Are there any Valve games there? What about in the cracks between the cushions of your sofa — can you spot any there?

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PhoenixUp1960d ago

Portal 2 looked like it had a definitive end. I don't know how a Portal 3 would work

StarElite1959d ago

They could always continue the series with Peabody and Atlas.

PhoenixUp1959d ago

That'd require Portal 3 to be co-op only

Phoenix761958d ago

Portal 2 is still one of the best games to of come out within the last 10yrs. Would love to see another title from the franchise, but this is valve we're talking about here and that magic number they avoid like it's the black death plague 😟

-Foxtrot1958d ago

Maybe Chell goes looking for answers and goes to another Facility? With GLaDOS being an AI she could easily be monitoring the other ones at the same time and obviously get p**** at Chell for coming back after she let her go, maybe that's the joke. I don't know the point is they can come up with something.

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eyeDEVOUR1960d ago

They are damn near a monopoly for a PC game service.. They dont ever need to make another game ever to stay rich.

Muadiib1959d ago

It's not about that though, it's about making great videogames, at least it used to be with Valve, now I'm not so sure.

Krysis1959d ago

There's no need to be unsure, Valve has no interest in new single-player game development.

Stogz1959d ago

Man I wish they'd make a new Left 4 Dead. Hell at this point is take a remaster of 1 and 2 together.

Nintendew1959d ago

Like were they said most people would have no problem with L4D being PC exclusive..... YEAH, I have a problem with that!
Prob my favorite shooting game ever and I play it on 360/X1 ( BC game ).
I in no way am a PC gamer and would be very upset ( more pissed then anything ) if L4D became PC exclusive!

Fishy Fingers1959d ago

All that Steam money with no risk or outlay.

But do wonder how much gets made and then scrapped (R&D) behind closed doors. They have devs. They must be doing something.

Cyro1959d ago

Pretty sure Gabe Newell said they're working on 3 VR titles.

AuraAbjure1959d ago

It sucks because their games are such high quality

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The story is too old to be commented.