20 Characters Missing from the Marvel vs. Capcom Series

You can't make everyone happy, but there are definitely a few heroes and villains who really should be in Marvel vs. Capcom.

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opinionated1214d ago

Yeah it's really strange that they didn't use any of their Netflix characters. Banking their cinematic properties seems to be a main focus of the suits anyway. Why leave them out? Both companies have a ridiculous amount of characters to come out with a roster so uninspired. Im having fun for what it is but it still makes you wonder who's making these decisions.

CorndogBurglar1214d ago

This is something else I can't figure out.

Not only do they have the film rights to Daredevil and Punisher, and not only do they have shows on Netflix for both of them, they are also fan favorite characters long before the movies even started getting made.

This was a perfect opportunity for them to add DD and Punisher to this series. It would have softened the "no X-Men" blow. Look, we didn't add X-Men this time, but we DO have these guys!

Jaypi031214d ago

Knowing Capcom, most of the character listed will be DLC.

PapaBop1213d ago

Not to mention Iron Fist who was in the last game. DD would have definitely would have gone a long way to soften the X-Men blow but it's Capcom we're talking about, they never do things the easy way.

Skull5211213d ago

You guys are forgetting the $30 season 1 pass... and the $30 season 2 pass, and the $30 season 3 pass...

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gangsta_red1214d ago

Agreed, it looks like most of the marvel picks were for movie promotional reasons so it makes me wonder why not one Netflix Marvel character is featured in the game.

No doubt they may have that lined up for DLC

The 10th Rider1214d ago

I imagine Netflix makes as much money from the characters as Disney does. Disney is also pulling their shows from Netflix to start their own streaming services, but since Netflix was involved in the making of those shows I think they're staying on Netflix for the time being.

Other than that I'm pretty sure the amount they make from Netflix shows pales in comparison to the amount they make from the MCU.

opinionated1214d ago

And iron fist was already in the previous game. They made an active decision to take him out lol. It's just weird if they are using MvC as promotional material like it seems.

PhoenixUp1214d ago

MvC:I has the most underwhelming roster in the series.

So much potential for characters that could've been unexpected gone to waste.

cellfluid1213d ago

The main reason I didn't buy capcom marvel infinite is because it doesn't have a combo breaker..