Rumor: Mass Effect 2 to Have 5 Player Co-Op

So take this one with a huge grain of salt, as it's one of those he said/she said kind of things. According to a post on CoG there was a link on a Norwegian board to a Gamespot article detailing a bunch of features for the upcoming Mass Effect sequel. Amongst all the nugget of goodness that will be in ME2 is a new expanded squad (up to 5) and the ability to bring human players into that squad for full 5 player co-op.

Some other rumored features of interest include the ability to import your Mass Effect 1 character, a raised level cap of 120, and weapon customization. According to the post the game is set to have a 6 month timed exclusivity deal with Microsoft for the Xbox 360, because even though Microsoft Game Studio published the first title, Electronic Arts now owns the rights.

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Johnny Cullen5736d ago


Color me tickled and interested.

But isn't Bioware at work on a KOTOR MMO? If they are, and are hoping to make this after the game is finished and move onto ME2, you'll see most likely see the game in very late 2009/2010.

SL1M DADDY5736d ago

I wonder why they would go with 5? Perhaps there will be 5 characters in the main story next time?

ry-guy5736d ago

I agree, 5 seems like a very odd number to select.

Also, MGS owns the publishing rights. EA owns the IP now.

Call BS on this article right now. Hm I wonder how many more acronyms I can put into this post.


An action rpg it might be,but when one person is wading through tons of dialogue do the other 4 just want to be waiting around........

I suppose if Fable2 carries it off with 2 player co-op then if implemented correctly then it might be plausibile someway with 5,but still - hmmmmmm.

Captain Tuttle5736d ago

I'm not sure how it would work either unless there was a separate co-op campaign like in RFOM2...mostly fighting and very little dialogue.

OC_MurphysLaw5736d ago

This could work, even with dialogue. Given it would be Co-Op play, i.e. you jump into someone else's story/game...then maybe all the co-op players would only be able to play supporting character roles and have no real speaking parts. All would be driven by the main character and only automated responses coming from support characters.

I think its totally doable...just not sure how good it will be given how buggy the first game was. Now add in 4 more players? Sounds like a bit much but you never know.

Fishy Fingers5736d ago

I always saw Mass Effect with the potential to evolve into an MMO. But never really saw it as a co-op experience. If this is true I'll be interested to see how it turns out.

Is it a serious push from the developer to expand or is it just another tacted on feature to tick those extra review boxes? Time will tell.

The Makr5736d ago

I have been playing their games since Baldur's Gate, BGII, Icewind Dale, Neverwinter Nights, KOTOR, Jade Empire, Mass Effect. They never let me down and ME2 is a day one purchase for me.

Bioware FTW.

MiloGarret5736d ago

Agreed, we're talking about Bioware here... Best RPG devs in existance. As huge fan of Mass Effect I can honestly say that I am stoked for ME2 and playing it co-op (locally), hopefully it'll be like fable 2 were you're not forced to do it over Live.

TheColbertinator5736d ago

5 player co-op? Sounds good.I will buy it for PC,360,or PS3 or whichever system it shows up for.Mass Effect is my favorite game this gen

bouncybullet5736d ago

After Fable 2's co-op, RPGs from now on will have to consider it at least.

Bioware could pull it off.

At least 2 player.

I wish every game had at least 2 player co-op campaign.
Kindof like Gears, where the game is written around the 2 main characters.

poopface15736d ago

cant wait for this one. co-op would be cool.

tiropitas5736d ago

i just hope its alot bigger this time.the first one was fantastic but the size left a bitter taste..

RememberThe3575735d ago

But, I know what you mean. ME was an RPG I was kind of expecting 50+ hours, but hey maybe we'll get more this time around.