IGN's PlayStation Predictions: 2007 Edition

What the year will bring, maybe, for Sony fans and the hardware trio they support.

There's no doubt that 2006 was a year filled with criticism for the folks at Sony. After all, the company did delay the PlayStation 3's launch by several months in North America and Japan and by almost a year in Europe and Australasia. But that was only the beginning. As the months went by, opponents continued to slam the Japanese giant on a number of different issues -- including the PS3's omission of force feedback in its controllers, the high cost of the PSP and PlayStation 3 when compared to their competition, and the continued downsizing of promises (re: PS3 launch shipments and the system's technological capabilities).

Amidst this very public negativity, the good news seemed to get lost. The PlayStation 2, for example, had a hell of a year in the software department with Okami, Final Fantasy XII, Guitar Hero II, and Bully leading the pack. The PSP too, came into its own with a great lineup of high-quality games like Daxter, Syphon Filter, Killzone, LocoRoco, and Tekken DR to name a few. Plus, let's not forget that, chaotic as it was, the PlayStation 3's US launch was a national media event -- and it seemed to eat up almost as much TV time as the mid-term elections.

But now that 2006 is completely behind us, the big question for most PlayStation fans is, "What will 2007 bring for Sony and its products?" Read on to find out

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Weapon X4907d ago (Edited 4907d ago )

Will be GOTY for 2007.

UrbanJabroni4907d ago (Edited 4907d ago )

Now that I know that, I guess I'll just hunker down and wait. I mean, you already know it is GOTY, after having neither seen nor played one second of this game in action.

Ignoring all the amazing games we've already _seen_ and played for the PS3, 360, Wii and P.C, you somehow have peered into the murky depths of our future and returned with this nugget of Wisdom. Some might have used their power to warn humanity of impending catastrophe or even to make a quick buck. Not you boy. You used your gift to give us a definitive answer on 2007's game of the year.

I don't even think the most over-the-top Microsoft fanboy would declare Halo 3 GOTY yet and nobody on Sony's side seems to be calling for the Metal Gear nomination yet, but you can make this declaration and, without supporting arguments, we all know it to be true. You are a gift to all game players everywhere.

Marriot VP4907d ago

Just like when killzone 1 got GOTY for ps2 right?

Shadow Flare4907d ago

I really hope they remake Chrono Trigger. That game would be ideal for a next-gen console, due to its time-travelling theme and many environments. It would be amazing to play. March will be the beginning of the PS3's accelerated dominance over the 360. And yes, before anyone gives me jip, i do have a time-machine of my own

BIadestarX4907d ago (Edited 4907d ago )

If that happends I will not hesitate to get a PS3 (If not multiplatform), ofcourse it does not mean I will get rid of my 360, but I was a huge fan of the SNES version.

R34GTR4907d ago (Edited 4907d ago )

Now if that doesnt make you happy to own a PS3 i dont know what does. No one is calling anything but if 90% or even 50% i'll go on a limb and say 25% of that works out then Sony will be right back where they been for the last 2 gens wich is on top. Well doubting sony was always a stupid thing to do. I hope people learn there lessons so wen PS4 launches for about 1.6 million dollars in limited supply with a a$$ load of bugs and no games and probably a purple ray player we can just skip the flame wars and give sony sometime to explain wat in god's green earth they have planned.

"countdown to PS3 Flamers in 5,4,3,2......

Runnin n Gunnin4906d ago

Its funny to see so many people trying to justify buying a PS3 for $600. Oh well...I guess time will tell, unless you have a time machine like the guy who wrote this article

ApocalypseShadow4906d ago

as for the $600 dollars runnin n gunnin,it was worth every penny.the features,the graphics,the 98-99% backward compatibility,ps3 games coming out sooner rather than later.worth every penny.

Harry4905d ago

Sooner than Later?

The UK has given up due to the 1 and a half set back.

Only people left are those diehards who get a stiffy over the word Killzone because Sony told them to.

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