Nexon looking to develop for Nintendo Switch

South Korean developers Nexon, known for their title Maplestory, is looking to develop for the Switch, they revealed.

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wonderfulmonkeyman450d ago (Edited 450d ago )

Hoooooooly &*[email protected], REALLY?
Damn, that ALMOST makes me sad that Nexon screwed up Dungeon Fighter Online so badly, because it would be amazing to see that hit the Switch.
I played as a Male Slayer, myself. Weapon Master branch, specializing in both Beam Swords and Bludgeons.[because maces and the like made things bounce around when you smacked 'em!XD]
Also wanted to go Male Fighter, but then my computer problems started, right alongside Nexon screwing up the game so bad that they didn't make any money on it, and dumped it as a result.

I wonder what else they could put on the Switch, if they tried, aside from Maple Story?...

DJK1NG_Gaming450d ago

Alright of the games they have that I want:
Combat Arms
Dungeon Fighter Online

wonderfulmonkeyman449d ago

DFO is under a different team now, IIRC.