2K Games Went a Bit Too Far With Microtransactions This Time

NBA 2K18 didn't get accepted very well in the gaming community even though the game had some great improvements regarding gameplay. Microtransactions have gone too far this time.

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showtimefolks986d ago

Yet people Devendra these practices

This is just the beginning things are gonna get much worstuff before there is a huge back lash

Free to play games can get away with it because you aren't paying 60 dollars upfront

I hope NBA 2k18 doesn't sell well because that's the only way things will change

nevin1986d ago

"Haircuts cost money even tho they were free in previous games"

lol, wtf?

conanlifts986d ago (Edited 986d ago )

Lol. It is ridiculous what people are willing to buy. Does the hair grow? If not nba 2k19...real life hair growth feature. Pay for a haircut for your team or have real life sasquatch running around the court.
Plus all new wax option. Improve the running speed of your players. Less gym time, just pay for a wax.

C-H-E-F986d ago

Yup they cost like 1000 VCs and if you buy a new haircut you have to go back and buy the old one if you wanted to switch back. EVERYTHING cost money i'm surprised it don't cost money to enter the next game.

chris235986d ago

the same i think about nintendo but i guess they will stay, too. so what. if others are cool with it, what can we do?

pietro1212986d ago

Are you really comparing a software/ console deveoper (who are still doing good btw) to a developer who's overdoing it with micro transactions? Not the same and nobody likes micro transactions

porkChop986d ago

How can you even begin to compare these microtransactions with Nintendo? Put the hatorade down for a second and think about how ridiculous that comparison is.

badboyz09986d ago

Just Go to The Stage/Ante-Up and Problem is Solved!
Wager VC against others Players online.

Legion21986d ago

You're missing the problem if you think that's a solution

badboyz09986d ago

My point is there is No Problem. To sum it up shorty, The previous 2K's have had VC and Ante-up Courts. But I've never had to use Ante-up and I would always stay with over over 50k in my VC account. But Now that 2K gives people a reason to actually grind you wanna complain.

C-H-E-F986d ago

You're the beginning of the ending of modern day gaming.

Max-Zorin986d ago

No wonder 2K get away with anything. This guy probably did the 2K15 demigod glitch. Going to a mode, made for people that damaged their reputation because of gambling in real life, doesn't solve anything.

UCForce986d ago

This is why I always hate Microtransaction because that system is a scam.

shingojacky986d ago

Microtransaction is evil. Period.

ifrit_caress986d ago

Microtransactions isn't really bad, it's the grotesque manner in which these game developing companies and corporations use them.

UCForce986d ago

It doesn't matter. It shouldn't belong in AAA games. It's only work in Free to Plays game.

Prince_TFK986d ago (Edited 986d ago )

Remember the good ol' day of the PS2 when games cost $60 and come in complete packages without even the need of day one patch? Yeah me neither.

StormLegend986d ago

Even though NBA Live isn't the greatest game, I hope some you buy it because 2K is starting to get greedy with money.

C-H-E-F986d ago

Yup, unfortunately I did buy both, but the fact is I did buy NBA Live 18' so hopefully others either bought both like I did or buy just Live 18' to help those sale numbers to encourage EA to keep pushing forward. They have a great product on their hands, I think implementing more to it would make it more ideal. They don't need the park, the park is a waste of time, all that running around and then waiting for games, they DO NOT need to implement that, but adding in more of a story, taking out the loot crates and letting us buy stuff, adding more off court activities or interaction with players, I think the phone systems is cool and all, but some cutscenes make you relate more to the off court experience. I do feel like the grading system is too forgiving, i be having a 100 in the first quarter. Just some minor tweaks and they can slowly surpass 2k. But Live 18' is definitely a decent product and that 40$ price wasn't bad either.

staticall986d ago

Can't wait for comments like "Hey, it's just cosmetic!", "But you can get everything FOR FREE!"

They got:
- Player attributes for "Virtual Currency". Why this is bad? Well, the whole idea of singleplayer campaign is to get to level 99. You start with 6000 VC and level 60. Those 6000 VC is enough to get your player to level 62. In order to get to level 82, you'll need to play around ~240-360 games (depends on rating, taken from reddit post, /r/NBA2k/comments/70aebe/nba_2 k18_vc_greed_mega_thread/). And in order to buy new animations, your character has to have certain level of attributes;
- One-time use haircuts for "Virtual Currency" (and you can't even preview them before buying!);
- Tattoos for "Virtual Currency";
- Packs for "Virtual Currency";
and so on.

badboyz09986d ago

I's called Grind! This is why gave you different options besides the park to unlock Badges etc.. I'm level 78 ,4Badges in 2days. By this weekend I'll be 85. All without buying VC and complaining.

Moe-Gunz986d ago

You're the reason why this crap will continue. It's an artificial grind done to push microtransations.

DaleCooper986d ago

78 and 4 badges in two days!? Please tell me your secrets. Took me all weekend to get my guy to a 66, 1 badge. I thought I was grinding, but apparently not enough.

samchris985d ago

You are really defending this nonsense hard. Tell the truth! Do you work for 2K? Otherwise how can you possibly defend this disgusting cash grab?

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