New WWE 2K17 Vs. WWE 2K18 Comparison Images Revealed Which Shows Incredible Visual Enhancements

ThisGenGaming says "New WWE 2K17 Vs. WWE 2K18 comparison images have been revealed which shows the amazing visual enhancement from the previous WWE 2K title to the upcoming title."

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GameBoyColor394d ago

I'm very excited. pretty disappointed they chose to wait on the pc version though

DiceAndRice394d ago

Agreed. I want to see how the new graphics engine looks on PC.

Gman32394d ago

I wanna see some nintendo switch gameplay

GameBoyColor394d ago

same, if it looks pretty good I might get that instead of on ps4. Portability and wwe was my favorite thing since psp.

DiceAndRice394d ago

After NBA 2K18 being a terrible port on the Switch I would lessen expectations with what 2K can do.

V0LT393d ago (Edited 393d ago )

It's terrible on all. But yeah...2k hopefully wont gimp it.

81BX393d ago

I would like to see some snes wrestling games on switch. To me they are better than the current stuff.

strayanalog393d ago

First wrestling game I've been interested in for a while now. Think I may go for the Switch version, unless 2K goes for gimp.
Oh, and completely off topic here, but I really wish these weren't annual games. One every two years would be great, so there's more time to improve.

blackblades393d ago

If I remember correctly WCW vs NWO on n64 was my last and before that wwe on genesis. Haven't had any interest in wrestling or any sports really but they do be fun at times.

strayanalog393d ago

Yeah, I don't typically jump at sports titles too often neither. Ever since all consoles started getting Smackdown vs. Raw (2007, I believe) it's all went downhill for me in interest because of game mechanics and annualizing.
Now, blackblades, if WCW vs NWO on the N64 was your last title I truly hope you at least played WWF No Mercy on the console. Fantastic game. WWF 2000 was good too.

Supernintendo85393d ago

I watch wrestling on the regular. I also play video games on the regular. These comparison pics look awful. Am I the only one who sees this? Dean Ambrose's render is horrible in the 2k18 screens. I'm not about bashing as I'm still excited for this game but I'm seriously weirded out right now. 2k17 faces are more accurate honestly. Is this a troll post?!!!

nevin1393d ago (Edited 393d ago )

lol, going by those side by side comparison, the 17 models looked better.

And yes, a Super Nintendo wrestling game is better than modern wrestling games.

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strayanalog393d ago

It's 2K. So you can't expect too much in terms of upgrades from a previous year; their Madden mentality. They always seem to release a good one and then a bad one, in my opinion.

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Sgt_Slaughter393d ago

These actually look awful. Everything's now too glossy and dark, the faces don't look like any of the real people (Bayley especially. It looks her at 70 with no teeth.)

Every annual sports title seems to have the exact same issues each year gameplay and visual wise. It's rough.

fastNslowww393d ago

watch the HD gameplay vids on youtube...these pics do the game no justice..shitty quality.

Heres a vid:

393d ago
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