PS Now Gets WWE 2K18, NBA 2K18, Battlefield 4, More in March

12 new games join the PlayStation Now lineup this month.

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Nitrowolf2773d ago

been wanting to replay this one. Wish they port it over to PS4 so they could at least get it off the Cell so the devs can preserve it better in the future

AnthonyDavis773d ago

Lol old games and more latencey. This is not the way to play games.

SpaceRanger772d ago

There’s little to no latency unless you internet barely meets the requirements.

Been playing MGS4 again since this announcement and it plays just like it did on PS3.

NLink0714773d ago

Wow that’s a solid addition! Ive used ps now quite a bit especially when churning trophies (played pre-sequel in PS4, churned the true vault hunter to level 50 on ps3) and I never noticed major lag. Wonder what it will be with online shooters like bf4

TheSinsibleOne773d ago

F those 2 games. MGS 4!!! AAAHHHHH!!!! I've been waiting years to play it again.

SpaceRanger772d ago

I was trying to get a PS3 recently to replay MGS4 with my youngest brother who just recently played MGS1, 2 & 3. So glad this came back.