Sony's PSP-3000 US Release Date Announced reports that the PSP-3000 will be launched in North America as part of two packs. One of the packs will be the Ratchet and Clank: Size Matters PSP Entertainment bundles which will be released on October 14th. The other pack will be a 4GB Entertainment Pack which is due out in November. Both packs will be retailed at US $199.99.

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RememberThe3574433d ago

I think my home boy is going to pick this one up. I got the God of War PSP so I'm good.

gano4432d ago

I'll be picking up the blk one. I've got the madden one and was thinking of giving it away/ or trade in.

shelbygt334432d ago

I got the Daxter bundle (PSP-2000) and don't see a big enough change to want me to buy again. But, cool for those who don't have one yet.

fan_of_gaming4432d ago

i just want the core bundle. guess i'll have to wait a little while to pick this up.

Tidus114432d ago

I'm definately considering on selling my psp 2000 on ebay and upgrading to the new model