The 40 Best PlayStation Vita Games of All Time

The PlayStation Vita may be dead, but its library of great games is expansive. Here are the games every Vita gamer must own, in GameSpew's humble opinion.

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1366d ago
Null19801366d ago

I was quite surprised Tales of Hearts R wasn't on this list. Pretty great JRPG. Seemingly simple combat at first, but quite complex by the end. Especially if you do end game and Maniac or "Unknown" difficulty. I'm 2 trophies away from Platinuming it. Some of the most fun I've had on my Vita in the 4 years I've had it.

Fist4achin1366d ago

That's awesome that you're ripping through it. Fun game.

I'm tearing through the Danganronpa sequel right now for a change of pace!

nodim1366d ago

Not dead yet, you damn narcs

Fist4achin1366d ago

Cool list. I would have probably had persona or gravity Rush as my number 1.

himdeel1366d ago

Good games but what a horrible list. So many games should be on this list but aren't.

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