Review: inFamous: Second Son – PS4

Pure PlayStation: If you've played the previous installments in the inFamous series, you'll know what to expect: super powers, bad guys, and an open world. It sounds like the perfect recipe for a pure video game, but perfect this game is not.

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Sonyslave3423d ago

The game was very good i enjoy the story and delson the main character was better than cole.

Reggie the ultimate big bro in video games

-Foxtrot422d ago (Edited 422d ago )

I personally thought Cole was better in my opinion. He was flawed and I liked the "my powers are a curse" storyline, which went with the overall story, then the typical "I love my powers" one Delsin had. Both are overdone story arcs but with Delsins cocky attitude and sarcastic personality it just came off as Nathan Drake with powers.

As for the story it was fare too short, I mean you got up to Augustine so fast and it didn't have have any good twists like the other two inFAMOUS titles. Only way I could put Second Son into a bigger light is if they go off the Evil ending and make Delsin the real Beast, corrupted by his power after shaking all those hands gaining more and more abilities. Coles "superhero resurrection" for inFAMOUS 3 please.

I also thought Reggie should have been the main character, a man brainwashed by the media and government to think conduits are bad then becoming one himself could have been great character development. I was hoping he would have survived and been in the expansion...maybe his gene got activated dying in the water and received water powers. If he's Delsins brother he might have shared some traits and would be allowed to take another few powers like the games glass, wired, paper cut ones.

Just felt Second Son while a pretty looking game was a huge step back for inFAMOUS in most areas.

TheKingKratos422d ago

i finished it on the normal ps4 didn't play it yet on the pro
Th game was good but Cole was badass and his arc was much better and his good and bad endings were much better
I still liked it but not as much as i loved Infamous 1/2

MegamanXXX422d ago

I thought Infamous 2 was better

C-H-E-F421d ago

Infamous 2 was the best infamous however, this infamous had a better story to me, I enjoyed it more than any previous infamous but Infamous 2 had a decent story and gameplay was probably the best.

Nyxus423d ago

I really enjoyed this game, as well as it's standalone DLC follow-up, First Light.

Razzer422d ago

Very underrated game. I got the plat, but think I'll play through it again now that it is free.

Takwin422d ago

Replayed in 4K on the Pro last month or so. This game holds up for sure. Gameplay is TIGHT and responsive, it looks fabulous, they were ahead of the times with photo mode, and the story is pretty darn good for an action adventure. The DLC First Light was also excellent. I *really* hope we get inFamous 4 in 2019 or something.

Scar-422d ago

Same I absolutely love this game and the world they created it's like a mix of marvel and Dc's take on mutants combined. Fingers are still crossed for a follow up title this gen.

ILostMyMind422d ago

It is good but... inFamous 2 was better.

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