Need for Speed announcement due next week

EA are working on a brand new Need for Speed game (well that wasn't a surprise was it?) and are due to announce it next week.

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Gamer135823d ago (Edited 5823d ago )

This new NFS should look amazing why because it might not be a port and its the second round on the 360, probley look the same on the ps3. can,t wait to see some screenshots and ingame trailers.

PS360PCROCKS5823d ago

hell yea they can do some cool stuff in reality wise of the game, like cars actually damaging, etc...maybe it will have the Havok engine like test drive does, that's really cool crashing in that game

USMChardcharger5823d ago

i hope it is better than the first one for the 360 (for me, may have been just fine for others). i would like it to be a little more realistic.