5 Games That Make You Feel Better

Jonathan: Sometimes we need to slow it down and transition ourselves to those games that are a bit soft and relaxing. Games that will make you feel better and chill. These games are the opposite of destruction; games that will make you smile, not because of the action-packed vibe, but rather of how the games make you feel soft inside. Here are top 5 of those games that will surely make you feel better.

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Nacho_Z554d ago

Child of Light on PS+ is one I'd recommend, it's incredibly soothing to play but at the same time isn't just a passive experience it has deep gameplay to enjoy while you're relaxing and exploring.

ironcrow2386554d ago

im not overly sure why journey has such massive appeal, never mind having the capability of making me feel better!!! after seeing nothing but praise, i though id take advantage of it being free on ps plus...within 5mins id come to the conclusion journey was one of the most boring games id ever played :(

Goldby554d ago

well in the first 5 minutes would ahve barely reached the "hub" for the game, and probably didnt even get to the first level.

it is an artistic game, but there is an amazing story behind it, just need to play it to get there. it takes 2 hour to play if you take your time. and it is even better when another person joins your game. surely you've wasted 15$ on a bad movie, this one was free for you, try it out, you may be surprised, specially the downhill level. very fun.

ironcrow2386554d ago

valid point but irrelevant, only on very rare occasions do i go back to something iv already dismissed (thats just me)....and dont even get me started on the amount of cash ive wasted on movies over the years hehe :D

Lynx0207554d ago (Edited 554d ago )

Journey made me feel sleepy. It was the most boring game I have ever played and did not make me feel better at all. I finished it but I was really agry that I losed time (I could play something much, much better) and I even paid for it.