Surprise Announcements I Want During Tomorrow's Nintendo Direct

"I believe Nintendo is still holding back some big announcements. The company has stated that tomorrow’s Nintendo Direct will focus on upcoming 3DS and Switch titles, but I’m hoping there are a few secrets up the big N’s sleeve. I like the approach the company is taking with plopping new announcements periodically throughout the whole year, it’s a unique marketing strategy that constantly implants the word “Nintendo” in everyone’s brains without us even realizing it." -- Nintendo Enthusiast

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prb313426d ago

i hope for virtual console and maybe gta 5 surprise. doubtful but what the hell.

EddieNX 426d ago (Edited 426d ago )

I'm predicting The Wonderful 101 and something Bayonetta related. Smash 4 ultimate is a no brainer and Smash 5 won't be ready for a couple more years.

Also there probably is a huge amount of surprising exclusives yet to be announced. Maybe 1 or 2 is unveiled?

Because they only have 1 platform and not 2 now I'm expecting none stop bomb announcements for the next 5 years. Basically everything we want is coming!

Since Metroid prime 4 has already been announced which was by far my most wanted thing in the entirety of gaming, my second choice would be F-zero. F-zero GX will always be one of my top ten games ever and I want a sequel or online remaster.

Edit - Mario Maker is also a no brainer!

lptmg426d ago

I'd be glad with a GX remaster. I don't think they can ever top that game, so an HD remaster is already good enough for me

EddieNX 426d ago

That game for me was a 10/10. The game play was immaculate and there was loads to do and even the cut scenes were amazing! I played it for over 10 years because it was and probably still is the best racing game ever made.

It was tough as nails.but that just made you keep.coming back for more like Dark souls.