Developer Says Nintendo 3DS eShop's Indie Market is Dead

A developer responsible for several indie games within the Nintendo 3DS eShop theorizes that the market for his and other indie games is finished within the store.

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GamingCentaur764d ago

Well the handheld is extremely old and many are moving on to the Switch.

0Day764d ago

Since NIntendo cant seem to invest in security allowing piracy to run rampant, of course the market will dry up.

kevnb763d ago

Only a small part of the user base knows how to pirate.

-GreenRanger763d ago

Really, you can just ignore it. Piracy was much worse on some other platforms in their heyday. The 3DS itself is on its way out... Piracy wouldn't matter so much when new games coming for it are getting fewer and fewer.

Rebel_Scum763d ago

"Maybe its overpriced"
Pretty much. Also after looking up his Chicken Wiggle game it doesn't look anything amazing. Looks like the generic standard indie shovelware you get on the eShop. If the price tag is $15 in the states its probably closer to $30 in my country. Even if its over $10, that's a blatant rip off.

Sirk7x763d ago

The 3DS was a great handheld, but Nintendo needs to let it go. I'll dig mine back out to play Metroid, but it's been sleeping for a long time now.

Nintendo4Lifex763d ago

Still playing mine. Dragon Quest vii and viii, Bravely Default 1, 2, , Pokemon series , Fire Emblem Shadow, Miitopia, Hey Pikmin, can go on and on.

Nebaku763d ago

Yep. It's very non-sensical to keep around a console that almost directly competes with the one you're trying to establish (the Switch). I say just drop the 3ds, focus on the Switch, and maybe try a different take on their Mobile Game venture.