Here are some major Xbox exclusives that deserve sequels

MSPoweruser: "Though people complain about Xbox's lack of exclusives, and it has certainly fallen behind, it has received several major titles that deserve sequels."

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WePlayDirty500d ago (Edited 500d ago )

Quantum Break won't happen soon. Remedy has a game codenamed P7 in the works with 505 Games that will release on PS, Xbox and PC. And it'll be up to MS to revisit the game.

insomniac said they want to make a sequel but "ask microsoft" about it first. There is a question as to how much control MS has over the Sunset game despite Insomniac owning the IP. Perhaps they hope MS publishes the sequel?

Ryse may definitely get a sequel when X1X comes out. Cryteck isn't denying the idea.

Recore might get a sequel as well. It's a small IP that seemed to have garnered a following.

I personally want to see a Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey sequel, I'd buy an Xbox One S for those.

Mikefizzled500d ago

To add to your first point, Remedy is also developing the campaign for one of the most lucrative games ever. They are working with Smilegate to develop the sequel to the Korean mega hit Crossfire.

To your finals points, Sakaguchi is still avoiding committing to anything outside of Terra Battle. I doubt MS will bankroll either because there's no way either will make a direct profit.

WePlayDirty500d ago

How exactly would MS make a direct profit on any JRPG? At least Blue Dragon and lost Odyssey are IP's introduced on the 360. MS has an effective marketing team, they could probably make those two games important AAA games of the year.

Kingthrash360500d ago

These games are so far from exclusive. Smh
Most these games people didn't buy or were just par or lower. They need a new exclusive to give the xbox one an identity. Like halo did og xbox and gears did for the 360...the xbo lack this and as a result lacks an identity. At this point it's a underpowered steambox with less games.

WePlayDirty500d ago

@ Thrash, what kind of game would give Xbox that new identity?

Mikefizzled500d ago

I think you missed my point. MS probably won't bankroll any JRPG's, obviously including LO and BD.

Unspoken500d ago (Edited 500d ago )

Oh Lord, not another fake Xbox fan in an Xbox article who hates MS and Xbox. If that isn't trolling...

Mikefizzled499d ago

If that's aimed at me I sincerely hope you're joking.

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ABACAB72500d ago

From what I've heard about SO, MS did go to Insomniac first and asked for a sequel, to which they said no. Maybe now that Insomniac is stating that they're willing to do it now, hopefully the powers that be will be down for a would definitely be interesting to see if that does as well (or better) than the first one did.

WePlayDirty500d ago

Where/Who did you hear that from? Do you have a source?

Enjoigamin500d ago

id love a new lost odyssey

SlyBoogie1993500d ago

I'd love sequels for Sunset Overdrive, Ryse and Quantum Break, plus a sequel for Alan Wake wouldn't go a miss, but I highly doubt we'll see any of those anytime soon if at all.

TRU3_GAM3R500d ago

Ryse sequel would look crazy on XB1X/Pc

500d ago
MegamanXXX500d ago

Mechassault would be awesome

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