Tom Clancy's: The Division 1.8 Update Raises The Maximum Gear Score With New Gear Optimization

The new maximum gear score was revealed as part of the upcoming Gear Optimization system. The fifth World Tier will remain the highest in The Division, but players can take their pieces of 256 equipment and improve their gear score through Gear Optimization. Instead of having to start over with new items in a new World Tier, players will collect Division Tech to upgrade their best gear to higher levels.

At the new Optimization Station, players can take pieces of 256 gear and increase each individual statistic with Division Tech. As an item reaches the maximum value for each statistic, the item’s gear score increases. After an item is perfectly rolled its new gear score will be 286, as noted on the game’s website. When players of The Division first log in after the 1.8 patch releases, players with a gear score of 256 will, at least, retain that level. If their gear is naturally well rolled, their gear score might be higher.

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InKnight7s407d ago

This is too late this game is a ghostown, this game had alot of potientials and promising future but of course its Ubisoft.

RedDeadLB407d ago

Me and my friends bought it a couple days ago and there are still plenty of people playing. It's also the most fun I had gaming in the last couple of months.

jc12407d ago

Agreed. Played this game 3 months ago and I loved it.

XisThatKid407d ago

This is just a dumb comment made for the likes or the hates based on the amount of relevant media coverage this game gets.
"This game isn't on the front fee of N4G day, this game must be a ghost town. I dunno I never played it but I'm sure some sheep will agree with me, I'm so cool"
that's how imagined it. I could be wrong...

Olr0wdy407d ago

Glad to hear you like the game. I playing since beta testing. Running three agents. When you get to level 30 the game really opens up.

tee_bag242407d ago

I thrashed it coop with mates non stop for about 2 months. We loved it. We didn't get into PVP but just the PVE was fantastic.

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ocelot07407d ago

Wouldn't call it a ghost town my self. I have been playing it off and on for the past 2 months. It's an ok game with still plenty of people playing it.

Lennoxb63407d ago

No it's still a pretty active game.

Cherchez La Ghost407d ago

IDK what server you playing on, but people are still playing this game.

Rage187x407d ago

The pc version is not a ghost town. I play almost every day and never have a problem finding a team to take on challenging or higher difficulty missions.

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Nodoze407d ago

I need to fire this one back up. Been too long. I enjoyed the heck out of it when I was playing almost every night.

Olr0wdy407d ago

What platform you playing on.I'm on the OX1 ol r0wdy gamertage look me up playing solo most of the game.

TheHan407d ago

I was just playing yesterday and theirs more people I've seen playing than ever before. I just can't believe what I'm seeing from those who say it's to late or say the game is dead have probably never played it or hasn't played sense the game released

dc4evachamp407d ago

Had the game since day one. It's not dead yet but it's on life support.

instantstupor407d ago (Edited 407d ago )

I don't think it is on life support really, feels a bit disingenuous to say that. Just looking at views from the 1.8 update trailer on the official Ubisoft channel shows over 400,000 views. For a point update, that seems pretty solid. And we know publishers will yank support for games early if they do not live up to financial expectations.

Perhaps they are keeping the game relevant since they've poured a lot into this IP and they plan to release a Division 2. People will be more likely to support a game they saw was well supported. Hell, perhaps the Division 2 is being worked on concurrently and they are simply borrowing bits of new features from that, making continued free improvements to the base game economically feasible even without blockbuster concurrent player counts.

It's all a guess, but it is obviously still worthwhile for them. It has steadily gotten better over time and is a solid experience. If they can make the world feel more dynamic/interactive and improve the gank filled Dark Zone, a sequel or hefty $40 expansion to Division 2.0 or however they handle it could certainly make for an even more excellent game.

EeJLP-407d ago

Thank you Ubisoft! I suggested this a very long time ago.

kneon407d ago

I guess it's about a year for me then as I played it for around 3 or 4 months

EyeAmTJ407d ago

haven't played this game in years

Jmanzare407d ago

The games release date was March hasn't even been 2 years yet

EyeAmTJ406d ago

that lets u know how long its been since i played it smh

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