BC's Review: Facebreaker

Reviewed by Garon Cockrell:

"Facebreaker is the new boxing title from EA Sports. That title is extremely descriptive because after five minutes of playing I wanted to put my face through the wall.

That is not an exaggeration. This game is terrible. I'm not a sports fan by any means but I enjoy a fighting game now and then. Facebreaker is a fighting game in image and theory, but in practice, it's more a "stand there and watch the computer beat the crap out of you" game. The computer mode is so chaotic that it's all you can do to get a punch in or a block or whatever else you can do with the two buttons you use. My carpal tunnel was flaring up big time after two rounds. Two rounds of pressing two buttons about three hundred times and getting nothing but my face caved in for my efforts."

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