Top Five Worst Endings to a Video Game Trilogy

Video game trilogies are great, it shows that a franchise has become so popular that publishers are willing to invest into 3 games thanks to a large robust community. While trilogies have their high and low points some end with such a catastrophic ending that it leaves a hollow feeling of despair within the gamer. Feeling betrayed as the franchise they dedicated so much time and effort ends not with a bang, but a whimper. Here are the five worst video game trilogy endings.

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Summons751426d ago

Halo 3 was a great ending to the trilogy (personally the series too). It set out to accomplish what it set out to do. Pretty sure it did have a Boss battle with 343 at the end too... Not playing as the arbiter was fine and he was the co-op buddy by your side until the bitter end. This author's biggest complaint was that you didn't fight Gravemind but you got to blow up the entire Arc, which in turn did kill Gravemind. He would have been a terrible fight since at that point there were so many Flood that he would have just repaired himself constantly.


Agreed, and I cannot even fathom how he had that at one instead of ME.

Sonic_Vs_Mario1426d ago

Halo 4 had a great ending, emotional ending.

Summons751426d ago (Edited 1426d ago )

Yeah, then it was immediately ruined by Halo 5 retconning everything.