Why I’m Leaning Towards an Xbox One X Rather Than Building a PC

In the buildup towards this fall's release of the Xbox One X, Joel weighs his options on whether to invest in the new console or to build a gaming PC.

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fluffydelusions2512d ago

Third-party deals as a major point is just sad...Exclusive content tied to one system should be done away with. That said, I see no reason to even own an XB1 having a gaming PC since basically everything going forward will be on both and run better on PC anyway.

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gamer78042512d ago

You need an asterisks next to PC as the vast majority of PCs won't run games at near the quality as an Xbox X

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xX-oldboy-Xx2512d ago

Get ready for some heat, PC elitists don't like that kind of talk.

Bobafret2512d ago

Disagrees in response to a fact, silly PC elitists.

GameHead852512d ago (Edited 2512d ago )

Say, What?? No, you know, I'll just ignore it and just say "hell yeah, a xbone x can totally have way better graphics then "vast majority" of PCs." So your right man, why didn't I see it before!

nowitzki20042511d ago (Edited 2511d ago )

So he has to buy what "most" have?? He cant buy what he wants? lol

agent45322511d ago

Is already possible on PC. Ark Survival Evolved proved how outdated consoles are lol

nitus102511d ago

One major advantage of a PC is the fact that you don't have to compete with other household members for a shared TV.

A "decent" gaming PC is probably going to cost two to three times more than the XB1x (you can go overboard if you have the money) but it definitely worth it since it can do so much more. Buiding a cheap PC is just that "cheap".


I would suggest a minimum i5 or equivalent processor and 16GB minimum DDR4 although clock speed usually hits the sweet spot between 2133MHz and 2600MHz since the higher the RAM clock speed the greater the chance of problems. Of course, you could be lucky.

Actually, it's not that difficult to build or get built a decent gaming PC and providing you don't cut corners you should be good for many years. You do have to keep in mind that no matter how powerful your PC is someone will build a better one and usually within a day. 😉

agent45322511d ago

The Xbox one X is using the APU Jaguar an apu designed for mobile and tablets.


So a tablet cpu is on par to PC gaming hilarious. A $500.00 PC ( may not offer native 4K but neither will the Xbox One X) can run all PC games at native 1080p 60 frames per second very easily on max settings. The PC is miles away superior than today's consoles..

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Vasto2512d ago

I own a gaming PC and will be getting an Xbox One X at release.

The time for downplay is over.

xX-oldboy-Xx2512d ago

that's confusing, it's money mate

PCGamefan2511d ago

So if a game is released for both systems, which is expected to happen, which one will you buy for? Example, Forza 7?

MegamanXXX2511d ago

The PC version will look the best

Vasto2511d ago


Forza 7 is Play Anywhere so I will have both versions.

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Zeref2512d ago

Phil already said that not every Xbox exclusive will be on PC. Even if all of them come to PC. It's good for everyone. MS sells more copies and we'd have a bigger player base for multiplayer games.

As someone who owns a gaming PC, Xbox and Gaming laptop. It's awesome to be able to play my games with achievements and all anywhere I want. Not feeling the couch? i'll go to my desk PC. On the road? I'm playing Gears 4 on my laptop. .

I'm loving this ecosystem.

LP-Eleven2512d ago

"Phil already said that not every Xbox exclusive will be on PC"

Hadn't heard this. I thought every one of them would be on PC for the foreseeable future.



If the message has changed, I couldn't find it.

BeOpenMinded2511d ago

I really want a surface pro to do the same. Budget is the problem :/

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steveo1234562511d ago

that made me laugh too. deals? compared to steam prices?? haha

BeOpenMinded2511d ago (Edited 2511d ago )

That's correct for those with a gaming PC it loses value. Though I can still see someone with a PC still wanting an all in one box with 4k drive. I don't have a gaming PC thus the X is something I'm interested in.

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WePlayDirty2512d ago

If I was intimated about knowing how to setup a PC, or what parts to buy to optimize my games.. I’d get an X1X too...

freshslicepizza2512d ago

Well there are certain things people buy consoles for aside from the exclusives. Here's a few:

- ease of use and plug and play gaming. For the most part it is much easier and a more even playing field being locked into a console.

- unified stats, friends and Achievment/Trophy system. Steam has their own version of it but you can't get all PC games on one store. Desinty 2 for example works on the Blizzard app. Electronic Arts game on Origin and so on. Speaking of Electronic Arts, games like Madden don't exist on the PC.

-costs. For $500 you are getting a pretty good bargain for the the level of performance the XB1X provides. Same with the PS4 Pro for $400. Try building a comparabale Windows 10 PC that can play games in native 4K for $500. You can't.

- friends. Microsoft might be making it easier moving forward bridging gamers together but chances are there is going to be at least a few games you can't play with your Playstation, Xbox or Switch buddy from your PC.

WePlayDirty2512d ago

Moldy, why are you a staunch supporter of Xbox when tot don't even own a system?

travestyj2512d ago

Wait he doesn't even own a system? Guess that explains why he is here 24/7. What a sad life.

privatepothed2512d ago

Microsoft will be losing money per console sold .

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XabiDaChosenOne2512d ago

He is emotionally invested in the console/brand to the point of no mans return. Its probably a chore for him to constantly defend Microsoft and their decisions but his feelings/pride wont allow him to quit.

freshslicepizza2511d ago

"Wait he doesn't even own a system? Guess that explains why he is here 24/7."

So tell me, are you guys here to talk about building your own PC's or because you are going to buy an XB1X? What other reason would you be here.

agent45322511d ago (Edited 2511d ago )

The PS4 Pro doesn't offer native 4K only pseudo 4K and can barely run Ark Survival Evolved. Second every single xbox exclusive is coming to Windows and there is the Dolphin emulator that allows PC gamers to play all of Nintendo games. I agree that a PC gamer won't be able to play major or exciting Playstation exclusives like Bloodborne or Nioh. The plug and play ease of use was valid during the nineties but not today. The way Steam operates is the same as the PlayStation store or Xbox live marketplace. Installing game to hard drive, patches, updates just like PC gaming. System updates just like Windows updates.With PS4 offline multiplayer second player needs to sign in as guest and main player log off his/her main account and log in as guest as well to play together. On PC just hook up second xbox controller the end. On PC modders will patch or fix a game. On console wait till game developer gets the approval from say console manufacturer. Really were is the ease of use and plug and play because at the moment it boils down to console gamers unwillingness to deal with hardware compatibility and maintenance.