The best space games on PC

"Go to the final frontier and beyond with our round up of the best space games".By Andy Kelly

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Razzer1910d ago

How is Rebel Galaxy not on this list?

Yohshida1909d ago (Edited 1909d ago )

Wow that list actually is bad. A list called "The best space games on PC" and having games like

EVE: Valkyrie - 69
No Man's Sky - 61
Take On Mars - 62

and not:

Commander Blood
FreeSpace 2
Wing Commander
Star Control 3
Master of Orion II: Battle at Antares

Since for some reason Mass Effect is on the "Space" Games list you may aswell add:

System Shock 2
Deus Ex

Overall the list is a mess that got made with little to 0 research. For a site called "PCGamer" they sure should know some classics.