Pentium 4 CPU Overclocked To 8GHz!

From the Mad Science Files comes the wild and woolly tale of the fastest X86 processor evar.

A team of overclockers -- presumably related to the nutbars who tweak car speakers to insane decibels -- have managed to squeeze just over 8GHz of power from a standard, off the shelf 3GHz Cedear Mill Pentium 4 631 processor. The secret? A liquid nitrogen cooling system, of course.

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Rooted_Dust5223d ago

If you think thats crazy you should see the computer that is cooled with cooking oil.

zonetrooper55223d ago

Thats just nuts but in a cool way. My pentium 4 processor is set at 3.06GHz.

Odiah5223d ago

processor look like crap. Oh wait :(