Is Squall Really Dead? Final Fantasy Producer Addresses The Series' Biggest Fan Theories

Kotaku: "Are Rinoa and Ultimecia the same person? Are Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy VII set in the same world? Is Gogo actually Daryl?

I told Kitase I wanted to ask about some popular Final Fantasy fan theories. Laughing, Kitase addressed each one, debunking (and, once, quasi-confirming) the wild hypotheses that fans have dreamed up over the years."

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-Foxtrot1316d ago

They'd rather go for the Squall is dead theory rather then Rinoa is Ultermecia...really, the Rinoa one was so obviously planned out there's so many hints in the game. Seems like something they cut last minute

When Squall is hit the song is called Wounded...kind of gives it away no?

I hope they do go with the Rinoa one because it would so f****** bitter sweet and give plenty of character development to the villain. Not to mention allowing a sequel for the gang to try and stop it from happening

Pozzle1316d ago (Edited 1316d ago )

Yeah, it's a bit worrying that Kitase said they would consider incorporating the "Squall is dead" theory into a possible remake, but not the "Ultimecia is Rinoa" theory. The former is not something that needs to be fleshed out at all. If Squall really was dead, it essentially makes three quarters of the game completely pointless and meaningless. Why would Square want to expand on that? :/

-Foxtrot1316d ago

Yeah it's basically the "it was all a dream" bullshit plot point they use in films

I just don't see why he'd throw away the Rinoa one when there's more evidence to that, his comments fail to acknowledge the fact there's enough evidence to make it "move on people nothing to see here"

Could have some great flash forward scenes showing everyone in the future dying one by one of old age as she stays young with her slower aging...Squall being the last one. The world might have changed after sorceresses have almost dictated the world a few times, maybe like the Salem witch trials. Once Squall dies Rinoa would be treat like shit, her new Griever GF she created to remember Squall ironically erases her memory over the years until she's consumed by hatred for humanity wanting to compress time to be in a world where she once felt something

Would be beautiful and tragic

-Gespenst-1316d ago

I hope they don't remake 8. Just doesn't seem necessary. I'd like a sequel though.

They should remake 5 and 6, and of course finish the 7 remake, and then they should stop remaking stuff.

Vhampir1316d ago

They were working on a sequel focused around Seifer at one point, but it was canceled.