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It is a forum post

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...I didn't see quality like that at all; it's almost like he put it on PC and changed the quality and took two pics... also, given that these are aren't direct screenshots, I'll again have to take this as questionable... (since PC screenshots aren't easy for some for some reason) and the guy who collected the pics didn't even take them, he got them online from somewhere.

... I'll take a second look, and if I find anything like that, I'll report it as true, if not, Then the following applies:

Bull; because when I played the demo, I didn't see a single texture that looked bad.

Although if I played this before MGS4, I'm sure I would've been more impressed.

give me until the second day of the week to report.

pixelsword5714d ago

2k games are all on top of it.

CyberSentinel5714d ago

I guess blu ray really was needed. First a sub-HD (640p) version of GTA4 on PShitStation, and now this....boy you lemmings got RAPED THIS GEN!


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Sad days for Sony. But, hey, look on the brightside atleast they got the health bars looking about on par with the xbox 360 version. That's something, isn't it?

Edit: Gettin' disagrees here, so obviously I'm missing something. So you all are trying to tell me the health bars don't look the same as the xbox 360 version?

Let me see for myself.... (2 min later) ... Yup, you're right, the health bars on the xbox 360 version are a tad, if maybe evena smidge, better looking and more clear. Good call for the disagrees.

Genesis55715d ago (Edited 5715d ago )

We already know that anything originaly coded for PC and the 360 does not port well to the PS3. I played the demo last night and the game play is fine.

Now when things are specifically coded for the PS3 it really starting to show what it has under the hood LBP, Killzone2 games that are designed for the cell.

Using a year old PC port is hardly anyway to gage the full power of the PS3. By the way the game does not not look anything like that picture on my PS3 and TV it's a lot better than that.

Fruit Loops5715d ago

You handeled your disagrees well.

ZombieNinjaPanda5715d ago (Edited 5715d ago )

I wouldn't exactly trust screenshots from some random forum out there.

From experiencing just the demo itself, it looks great!

I don't care what anyone says, this is a great game.

Hmm: disagrees rolling in.

Is the game not good? Can we trust random forums like this?

I don't know what the hell you guys are talking about.

I'm playing the damn demo right now, and it looks really good.

KobeT245715d ago

yeah your right. the ps3 version far inferior to the 360 color wise, and thats a huge disappointment considering 2K had MONTHS to at least get it up too par. this is embarrassing.

solidt125715d ago

I think it still looks good after playing the demo but there are some obvious things that didn't port over to the best it could of like sparks, water squirting through cracks and fire graphics. If you didn't play this game on the 360 I say it is still a buy on the PS3 because it is a great game. Plus the PS3 port has Trophies.

PimpHandStrong5715d ago

just like Bush and satan

PS3 is junk

Long live Satan

muddygamesite5715d ago

I personally hope bioshock sells very well. It deserves it. Having minor technical problems like these could be simply be because of the Difficulty associated with running games smoothly on the PS3 using the UE3, However, it will definitely make PS3 owners feel 2k games haven't used the 1 year port time properly. There is no question as to the PS3's capability. Previous releases have proved what the system is capable of achieving. This is most likely a case of "Wrong tools for the job".

I seriously hope a silly pixelated Big Daddy comparison Shot won't put people off this game (according to the 2k forums, people have already cancelled their pre-orders). If anything, this should be a lesson to developers to try and get PS3 multi-platform titles out the same time as the xbox360 counterparts. That way, the game will have a better chance of being properly appreciated by the target audience.

Thank you all

C_SoL5715d ago (Edited 5715d ago )

Gamesblow is just being an arrogant fool.

Sad days for Sony ey?? If I could recall Sony has more exclusives coming out this holiday season then any other console platform period

EDIT:@Above:Thanks, now that looks like the final build.

thezeitgeistmovement.com October 10.

Lelouch V Brit5715d ago (Edited 5715d ago )

Great Pictures, Xbox 360 Version Looks Better Than PS3 Version.

Edit: Disagree?, Check This: