Commentary: Is Digital Distribution Killing Digital Distribution? "Digital Distribution. It's all the rage these days. From small games like one would see on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade to TV shows and movies, and even full games like we see on Steam.

Its a great idea in theory. Cutting out the middle man to get us the content we love, without pesky things like a box, manual and disk. A great way to distribute your product in a very cheap way. Everytime you turn around though, the practice is being abused."

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CrippleH3791d ago

Makes some good point

Movies cost the same online and retail is a ripoff.

Limited download limit even though you "own" or "bought it" online.

Add ons being sold even though the data is already on disc.

Cajun Chicken3791d ago

Is the ultimate form of DRM. Let it take over media and we all have a big problem on our hands.
Its great for DL'able games like on PSN and XBLA and even Steam as Steam sells a lot of old games with all the enhancements and addons as a full package you can play without inserting a disc, its great for a PC and laptop especially for games on the go.

When it comes to retail games, I say NO. Its good for an old game to become DL'able, as Burnout Paradise has as its generally always with you.
But with brand new games there's no option to get a second hand copy, or namely a game for cheap. because the industry want it that way, because they want more money then they've already got and since overtaking the movie industry a while ago, do they really need that?
It doesn't go to the developers, it'll go to the publishers.

See the Spore DRM fiasco and the notorious Starforce? That's the future of console gaming if we all go DD.

Internet Trolling Ex3791d ago

Xbox live is killing xbox live,which is great news for me