Amazon Slashes 70% Off On PSVR Titles

It is time to add some new games to your PSVR collection. With that being said, select PlayStation VR titles for PS4 are up to 70% off, which you might save a bundle right now on the games that you've been waiting to add to your collection.

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Babadook71476d ago

Bridge crew is the juiciest one there imo.

freshslicepizza1476d ago

Great game, only $25 on Steam and Oculus but I don't think PS4 has crossbuy.

ApocalypseShadow1476d ago (Edited 1476d ago )

This isn't an article about oculus.

As for the article, it should say "some PSVR titles." And even then, it's a small selection on Amazon. Like very small. But I agree. Star Trek is a great game.

Pantz1476d ago

Most are cheaper at Best Buy. Amazon is done when it comes to games.

optimus1476d ago

vr in general is being discounted everywhere which goes to show what i've been saying since day one...vr gaming is a niche market that will soon die least it lasted longer than the "3d revolution" from 4 yrs ago. :p

ABBAJESUS1475d ago

You're wrong. Price drops makes it more popular.

optimus1475d ago

really? i take it you had no economics class in school....price drops makes it more AFFORDABLE not popular. They want to move inventory and clear shelves so they reduce the price in hopes that people will buy...mind you these price drops are not to be confused with sales which are temporary...stick around and pay attention cause if the current price doesn't move them than you will see yet another price drop in the near future.

Babadook71474d ago

I wouldn't pay optimus any mind. Just a biter xboner in a psvr thread.

Babadook71475d ago (Edited 1475d ago )

Pricing going down is a bad sign? Prices always go down. Since you've been saying this since day one I'm thinking your not a good source for anything vr related.

optimus1475d ago

Yes, especially within months of releasing your product. And then adding another price drop months after's no secret that most of the big vr headsets haven't been selling very well.

Babadook71475d ago

The price has dropped once. Only by $50. That's statistically above average for tech.

optimus1475d ago

You're talking about psvr and I'm talking about vr in general. Both oculus and the other one I can't remember cut their prices by $200 or more recently. And now vr games are being discounted. Follow the white rabbit.

Babadook71475d ago (Edited 1475d ago )

I can see by your comment history you are an Xbox fan. So you come into a psvr thread relating to discounts to a handful of games and this somehow proves your bs theory that vr will die soon. How many games don't get discounted within a year of release? Not many. Then you talk about oculus being discounted when psvr has held its full value nearly a year which actually flies in the face of your whole point. Vr will never die. Maybe when ms finally gets their knock off version out you can finally enter the next level in gaming.

optimus1474d ago

I believe my 1st comment was, "VR in general...." Somewhere along the lines it entered your brain as me talking about psvr specifically... Sure, games get discounted within a year, but by 70%? Not common at all....yes, I'm an Xbox fan. Did you want a cookie for that discovery? I know that being a fan of Xbox is seen as taboo on n4g but as far as I know it's not against the rules. By the same token I can say you are obviously a PlayStation fan. So what? Furthermore, I'm not the only one that thinks vr is all but done...some industry folks share the same sentiment.... You should read this....

Babadook71474d ago (Edited 1474d ago )

I was clear as to what your purpose is in coming to a thread about psvr and spinning the narrative around a different platform for your malicious agenda. If pc vr gets price drops while psvr does not and sells well, that says nothing negative about the state of psvr. Your spinning. Badly. Your an xboner and it's very obvious why you are a naysayer against a rivals legitimate innovation and success. N4G isn't tolerant to bs which you shovel plenty of apparently. Read the title of your linked article and contrast that with your bs Xbox biased assumption regarding the death of vr. They assume the eventual success of the medium. Most of the games have not dropped by 70%. As for the one or two that did. It happens. Games like far point hit top 5 and stayed top 20 for two months and shows there is block buster potential to the right game and interest enough to support a bright future. Funny how you were on board with the gimmicky Kinect but are a naysayer of a far more promising tech. One that will actually change gaming.

optimus1474d ago (Edited 1474d ago )

Oh I see, my mistake. I didn't realize this thread says "only pro PlayStation comments allowed"... oh wait, it doesn't. It's an article with a comment section, guess what it's for genius.... I'm impressed that you did some digging to find something I said from like 4-5 yrs ago, shows how much you care. I'm touched....Ha! Now you want to compare kinect with vr?? Yawn...face it, vr is not where people hoped it would be. If you want to be in denial about it that's your problem. Will it get there some day? Maybe, but like industry folks are saying, it's still a few yrs away, so rack up on all the vr games you want while you can, it's your money.

Babadook71474d ago (Edited 1474d ago )

The problem is NOT that you're negative about a product you clearly don't own. (Based off of us owners it's clear it is much loved and supported) It's that your inventing its supposed lack of appeal by using a competing products price cuts as evidence. This is spin. From an Xbox evangelist. Like I said, you'll be a huge fan of vr once ms finally gets there. In the mean time let's just pretend impressions aren't glowing and make shit up out of jealousy.

optimus1474d ago (Edited 1474d ago )

I'm not inventing jack. The sales numbers tell the full story and they are saying loud and clear that people aren't adopting vr games as fast as they thought they would...I'll say it again VR GAMES. Does it matter from where or from who? Of course the psvr has sold more, because it's THE CHEAPEST, DUH! Nobody is debating that. You keep on insisting that I'm talking about psvr when once again I'm talking about vr gaming IN GENERAL, why is that so hard to understand??...

you keep saying that I'm waiting for Microsoft to come up with their own...I'm not. They are working on mixed reality with a more viable and wireless headset which they have also admitted to that it's still yrs away for consumer would be stupid for them to release it now the way it is cause it would be too costly and they don't want to see it stagger and slowly die in the gaming market. You know like vr is NOW. 😁

Babadook71473d ago (Edited 1473d ago )

I'm aware of how spin works. There's always an excuse to why you spin. It's still spin. Can you deny that you are spinning one products success (psvr titles are doing well in terms of hitting sales charts - see link) instead talking about vr in general on a psvr specific topic and naming a competing products price drops as a completely missleading example of your false claims. You have been called on this and there is no getting out of the bs you shovelled. Your claim that vr will fail is made against psvr as well as others. Your examples though are about its competition which are eating its dust. A false equivalence. A spin. I don't expect you to admit your errors but they are plain to see regardless.

optimus1473d ago

Good lord, being in denial has made you truly hopeless...spin this, spin that, there is nothing to spin. psVR plays VR GAMES. Psvr games are doing well compared to what? Oculus games? Of course they are, there are more PS owners than oculus owners therefore it stands to reason there would be more games sold on that platform. BUT if you compare it to a regular console games than those sales are nothing to cheer thick headed can you possibly be?? i said, it's your money, enjoy those games. ProTip: you'll be able to collect them all for less than $20 when they show up in the bargain bin next year.😁

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