Is It Time For a Mass Effect Remaster?

With the franchise's latest game bombing commercially and with critics alike, is it time for EA to consider working on a Mass Effect remaster?

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FallenAngel1984414d ago

EA is the only major publisher that hasn't hopped on board the remaster craze

spdygaming414d ago

Yeah. I can't really blame them, though. A remake probably won't make them nearly as much money as releasing a new game with a half-assed multiplayer system.

FallenAngel1984414d ago

A remake is different from a remaster.

Remakes and remasters never make as much money as new installments, but they do raise awareness and raise money regardless.

spdygaming414d ago

Yeah. I meant remaster. I also agree, because as I've said in the article, the remaster would give EA a chance to gauge and generate interest in the franchise.

-Foxtrot414d ago

To be honest they could do a remaster/remake-retelling to fix any issues fans had with the games.

I'd like to see old cool down weapons introduced in the second game and then for the third game they can literally change the entire ending, non of that star child crap. It would prepare them for a 4th game with Shepard.

spdygaming414d ago

I doubt EA will go that far. Even just a reskin to make the models look up-to date seems like a longshot. But who knows, right? Maybe if we collectively throw enough cash at our monitors, EA will listen.

lelo2play414d ago

For f**k sake.... ENOUGH WITH REMASTERS.

Seems to me that people prefer playing the same games over and over again instead of new ones...

WePlayDirty414d ago

Why do you care If the games are fun and enjoyable to the individual?

CorndogBurglar414d ago

Remasters don't prevent companies from making new games. Maybe pay a little more attention.

Almost all remasters that come out also have a new installment in the franchise that recently came out, or one in development.

So if you don't like remasters, don't play them. But their existence has literally no effect on you what so ever.

spdygaming414d ago

That's the power of nostalgia for you.

Summons75414d ago

That's the power of a truly well-developed game. Nothing to do with nostalgia. There are some games for 10/20/30 years ago that run circles around today's releases in terms of fun and replayability (a lot of them don't have achievements either...imagine that).

Yohshida414d ago

At this point, let the IP rest for 5 years before you announce anything new.

spdygaming414d ago

2022 seems like too far away. At that point, the original ME would probably need a remake with modern mechanics, features + graphics than just a facelift with a remaster.

Sokol414d ago

Still my favorite Mass Effect game, the original game was full of discovery and exploration.
I would buy the game immediately.

spdygaming414d ago (Edited 414d ago )

Definitely. I might have been one of the few that loved exploring the planets with the mako.

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