NA PlayStation Store Flash Sale Is Live, Themed Around PAX West With Upto 70% Discount

North American PlayStation Store is offering a brand new Flash Sale this week.

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derkasan503d ago

BloodBorne for $8 is a steal.

Eidolon502d ago

About the cheapest you'll get it, but I've seen it at that price before, and even at 10-$20(at the time) was a steal, one of the best PS4 exclusives.

Kribwalker502d ago

I picked up bloodbourne to give it a go

ziggurcat502d ago

I know you're not a souls fan, but it's a really good game - it's slightly different compared to the normal souls games. faster-paced, and rewards a more aggressive play style. my advice: get good at parrying/stunning because visceral attacks when you have all 3 visceral boosting runes equipped are absolutely deadly.

Cyro501d ago

I got it last sale back in December and it's as hard as they say but everything about the game is just so good I keep coming back. I also heard the DLC is really good like one of the best DLCs ever made good.

ZaWarudo502d ago

Bloodborne at that price is insane. I also recommend Mad Max for that price.

PhoenixUp502d ago

Damn September just started and there's already a flash sale

Takato_Mon502d ago

Technically, it isn't a flash sale. It's a PAX sale. Don't get me wrong, this sale is "a lot" better than last weeks supposedly flash sale by miles. Parasite Eves here I come.

FallenAngel1984502d ago

Wow I've never seen flash sales happen two weeks in a row

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