Mario Kart 64 Live on VC

Mario Kart 64 hits the Wii's Virtual Console Today ahead of the previously announced Monday update.

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Leathersoup4285d ago

I know I'm hoping for a lot but....

XboxBerg4285d ago

Just went to download it but had to do an update first. Did the update which is for the news channel but could not see this game to download it. Maybe they took it off.

Harry4285d ago

It doesn't mean it will be out in the USA or Europe yet.

TimAshdown4285d ago

As of right now Europe only

r10004285d ago

Damn that sux... i was looking forward to getting out of work today & playing this with my GF...

TimAshdown4285d ago

NA might get it on monday

Odiah4284d ago

And I don't even want to play it. Sucks to you guys.

r10004283d ago

you need "friends" to like this game...