Don’t Think VR Has A Future? Wait Until You Try’s Free Roaming VR

VRFocus got to run around and shoot stuff completely untethered.

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XStation4pio_Pro411d ago (Edited 411d ago )

vr has a future for sure. its just not great on playstation. and probably won't be great on any console this generation. Its much better on high end PCs. Also think of the practical applications of having VR multiplayer games in a public space like a vr arcade or tournament. They can track positional data (like the vive and oculus) - similar to the in-house valve demo. you can literally walk and move around, arms and hands tracked, physical locations tracked. thats immersive. you can't do that on a home console.

Scatpants411d ago

At this point you don't even need a high end PC. My PC has a 980 in it and a 2600K processor both several years old now and it runs just about everything fine. I hate seeing people that obviously haven't tried VR or only tried 1 game for 5 minutes shitting all over it. It's absolutely the biggest thing to happen to gaming in years.

Apocalypse Shadow411d ago (Edited 411d ago )

This guy above first lies about PSVR not being great or having great experiences right now. Then fails to mention that most don't have the space at home for walking around in VR. Also seems to ignore that it takes 20 minutes to setup only to get to play for 15-20 minutes. For most likely about a $30 dollars and up secession like the one in my home town. For that price, I could buy VR games at home. At least I would own something instead of walking away with nothing.

Also ignores that it's imperfect too because the article even stated that tracking was lost during gameplay for the gun and players glitched all over the place during the secession. But has the nerve to dump on PSVR imperfections.

Venox2008411d ago

PSVR is never games are improving on graphics little by little..immersion is great and not eveyone would bother to move around playing VR..seating or sometimes standing (like on Superhot..holoball or job simulator) is more than enough for me.. cant wait for a big pile of great games coming in next few months..being an owner since day one and having a blast

MegamanXXX411d ago

So I bought the Oculus Rift for nothing 😏