Britxbox: Facebreaker Review

Britxbox writes: "There's more to boxing than simply punching your opponent in the face. That's why people call it the sweet science. EA's Fight Night series did a great job touching on the nuances of pugilism. Facebreaker, from the same studio, takes that rule book, hurls it to the floor, and proceeds to stamp on it until nothing remains. But is it the T.K.O. that EA's "Freestyle" brand needed to launch with?

This is not the new Fight Night. It's not the new Ready 2 Rumble either, despite similarly quirky artwork. If I were to compare Facebreaker to any other game it would be Rockstar's Table Tennis, but without the grace. Facebreaker masquerades as a boxing game, however in reality it is anything but. As the first game in the Freestyle range, EA has crafted something that is intentionally shallow, so that it may be enjoyed by as many people as possible"

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