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Persona 5 Voted Best Game of All Time by Famitsu Readers; PS2 Voted Best Platform

Famitsu reders were asked to vote on their favorite game of all time regardless of genre or platform, and Persona 5 came up on top.

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Community2520d ago
Eonjay2520d ago

Finally got around to laying through P5 and I must say it is excellent.

naruga2520d ago (Edited 2520d ago )

probably the voters were most of them younger ages and recent gamers than seasoned ones (25++ ages) matter its high quality imo is far from the title- the best game of all time....

mav8052520d ago

@naruga I'm a 30+ year old player that has played almost exclusively RPG's in my life, both western and JRPG's. Persona 5 was the first time I'd played any Persona game, and it is my favorite game of all time. From start to finish, I found it to be the most consistently fantastic and interesting throughout--of any game I've played. That's even more impressive given that I took 180 hours to beat it, I'll normally abandon a game before then because they just aren't good enough to stay interesting for that long.

Eidolon2520d ago

So you are you saying that it's just your favorite game, or it's the best game ever created? I think it's pretty biased to say it is, and it's a biased poll. It's an excellent game, that is all the POLL proves.

Takato_Mon2519d ago

If that is your only Persona game than you are missing playing the other greatest Persona game, Persona 4.

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-Foxtrot2520d ago

Bit strange how the best game of all time just happens to be the most recent one. Even some of the others so far up the list (Top 10) seem to be quite recent...wouldn't you think with it being "of all time" people would go a little further back with some of them like Dragon Quest III

Persona 5, Splatoon, NieR: Automata, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Final Fantasy XV (No Final Fantasy VIII...seriously)

Abriael2520d ago

"Bit strange how the best game of all time just happens to be the most recent one"

It''s not the most recent one at all?

In a few days it'll be a year old in Japan.

-Foxtrot2520d ago (Edited 2520d ago )

But...on the list

It's not something from the 90s or early 00s is it

I'm just trying to say that by some big chance the greatest video game of all time is one of the many recent ones of the list.

Abriael2520d ago

@-Foxtrot: the breakdown for votes for platforms shows that old games weren't forgotten at all. There were more votes for PS2 and PS1 games than PS4, but they were spread among more games.

-Foxtrot2520d ago

Oh I'm not saying they are forgotten completely just that the majority, even the top spot are all recent like games compared to the rest.

The point is out of all the video games we've ever had, all the games that could be candidates and just somehow, by chance the higher part of the list (Top 10), the one with the biggest votes are last gen/this gen games. Just seems more about what's "in" now, not in general.

I remember when FF13 came out and they asked Japan their favorite main FF character the number 1 spot was Lightning, then when FFXV came out it was Noctis...there was another poll of favorite leading lady in FF which Lightning had yet when FFXV came out it was Luna who took that spot despite her hardly being in the game or having much development. was the most recent FF game to come out.

-Foxtrot2520d ago

Yeah I'm surprised that's not on the list either.

6. Final Fantasy VII

20. Final Fantasy XI

26. Final Fantasy X

39. Final Fantasy XV

Why o why2520d ago

You missed final fantasy 7. . . 🙁

BlakHavoc2520d ago

FFXV on there is pretty funny. As well as Splatoon, like wtf. My GOAT is MGS followed closely by Mario 64.

The 10th Rider2519d ago

I mean, I could understand Splatoon being on there if it had some MAJOR quality of life improvements and had launched with all the free DLC that eventually came out. the gameplay is really good and addicting. However the quality of life issues (no party voice chat, no changing weapons in lobbies, online with friends being a pain, short single-player, no local co-op, the two-at-a-time map rotations, etc . . . ) REALLY bring it down.

Final Fantasy XV is dumb because it's clearly not the best Final Fantasy game. It's also not even the best open world ARPG out there.

rainslacker2519d ago

Its not uncommon for that to happen.

People have short attention spans, and tend to be most affected by what they have experienced most recently.

Gaming is very much a "what have you done for me lately" kind of industry.

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gangsta_red2520d ago

It is definitely one of the best JRPG's to come out of Japan in a looong time (it feels)...the best of all time...can't really say that but at this moment, definitely the most impressive.

il-JumperMT2520d ago

Wanna bet Persona 5 will be ignored in GOTY publications

Persian_Immortal2520d ago

Sadly true but its likely to win 7-10 Goty awards maybe even more depending on how well its remembered when the conversation of Goty pops up for all the publications around the world.

Matrix62520d ago

Any chance of a GOTY edition next year rhen?

monkey6022520d ago

The PS2 was the greatest console ever though!

Born2Game832519d ago

Hands down, no doubt about it.

monkey6022519d ago

SNES just like Sega will always have a place in my heart but the PS2 just kicked it up a notch so much.