Microsoft Talks IPTV on 360

Details on MS's plans to turn your 360 into a TiVo.

GameVideos has posted a new interview with Microsoft execs Chris Satchell and Albert Penello, outlining the company's plans to bring IPTV to Xbox 360.

Part one covers downloadable movies, picture-in-picture, 360's TV channel guide (semi-transparent and nice), using 360 as a PVR or TiVo, and the likelihood of Microsoft offering a larger hard drive. "There's a reason why it's a detachable hard drive," says Penello, although he won't actually confirm that a bigger drive is in the works.

And in part two, they talk with Satchell and Penello about Xbox Live as it compares to Nintendo and Sony's online plans -- how awesome are Miis (so awesome) and if (and when) Microsoft will make Xbox Live Gold free.

power of Green 6084d ago

Could families one day have Jetson style super Home entertainment boxes with interfaces through out homes connected to THE main BOX. PC's running/interacting with Home entertainment BOXES. One to rule them all. J/K.

TheMART6084d ago

Nice, I want it

This is a huge thing also.

People don't seem to get it, but this will make the 360 sales explode. IPTV companies will have the 360 as the new set top box free with a package or for a small fee.

This will move the 360 into homes that otherwise wouldn't even had bought a gaming device and still MS will earn money for the use... And probably they'll start using games like this by learning to discover the machine.

This can change the consolewar from an equal share of the market which analists projected to a certain win for the 360

USMChardcharger6084d ago

Does anyone else have problems with the 1up.com web site?

if you go back and collect all the articles that has been posted from 1up...you would then have a collection of articles i could never get to work...what is going on ...anyone?

Grown Folks Talk6084d ago

they already announced that there would be larger hard drives before the system even came out. it's just a matter of when and how much.

candystop6084d ago (Edited 6084d ago )

I also remember them mentioning a bigger Hard Drive before it was launched sometime down the road! In the new Game Informer they mention that apparently they are going to have games come out that require a Hard Drive and will have the requirements labeled on the game boxes! Could this be the end of the core system sometime soon? IpTV will be a huge success if executed properly and we all know that MS has been putting this gameplan together for awhile now so it's going to be big!

Grown Folks Talk6084d ago

haven't gone into detail on the directv partnership either.

JasonPC360PS3Wii6083d ago

The Core to me is a replacement for when or if I should mistakenly forget about the warranty. Or if I’m buying one new for a gift, I gave my older brother one he can’t stop playing Texas Holdem ($50 a year to play Poker and UNO LOL). For someone who lives on a budget and has to buy 360 peripherals over a period of months rather then one lump some the option is there for them. When they finally give us all the new hard drive (European PS3 launch weapon) the old drive’s price will nosedive to hopefully around $40 (just my guess). IMO it would be nice when the new drive hits the market they shifted the 20gb drive to the Core.

Grown Folks Talk6083d ago

for the 20gig. drop the memory card down to $14.99. release a 100gig for $79.99 and the 512MB memory card for $24.99. won't happen that way, but i think they would sell tons at those prices. better yet come out with an adapter that allows you to store everything (at least video, music, ect.) on a stand alone drive of any size you choose. just plug the dongle onto the hard drive jack on the 360 and connect the usb from the external drive to the other end.

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Dreamworker6084d ago

i don't wanna wait longer :-) i think maybe more news when windows vista launched end of the month. i hope they have a couple nice superbowl commercials like the Halo one.

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