GameShark: Exodus from the Earth Preview

GameShark writes: "There will come a point in time where the gigantic, super-hot ball of gas and flame in the sky that we all depend on will run through its lifespanand kill off all life on Earth. While current science dictates that the sun won't die out for another few billion years, one can't help but wonder what would happen if this event came much sooner and how we would be forced to react. Taking place in 2016, Exodus from the Earth is a "Cyberpunk FPS" that explores the scenario that humanity has roughly 20 years to clear away from Earth before the sun goes kaplooie, and has invested great power in a company known as the "A.X. Corporation" to find a solution to this problem."

Why You Should Care: Cool backstory, lots of action, nice visuals

Why You Should Worry: Translation is weird; will it have enough depth?

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