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bloodbond1120d ago

He's right, nothing special, only the pokken tourney DX.

Prince_TFK1121d ago

Pokken Tournament looks awesome. And Fifa on the go sounds sweet. Also Stardew Valley could still be released in September.

InKnight7s1121d ago

Already released games.
Well Pokemon Tournament is amazing.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1120d ago

Hmm really? Let's see here:
NBA 2K18

Yup already released games. I wonder why these games aren't being uploaded on YouTube or streamed on Twitch. They already out they must had no sold well.

InKnight7s1120d ago

Isnt these sport games and Lego released every year on every platform including iOS and Andriod ?

Theknightofnights1121d ago

I'm probably going to get Lego Worlds. I was thinking about buying Minecraft instead, but I already own that on my PS4, PS3, and PC. May as well buy something else for the Switch.

Yohshida1121d ago

I really would love to play The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+, but its freaking 40€....

Yohshida1121d ago

Oh sheet, I just looked up Morphite, havent heared about it and it looked kinda cool. This game is a must buy for me, its a mix of Metroid, Turok, Ratchet and No Mans Sky. For anyone else that hasnt heared about it yet, here is a short video explaining what we can expect:

The game releases Sep 7 on PC, PS4, X1 and Switch.

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