Xbox One Has Many Unannounced Games In Development, People Have Never Heard About Them – Greenberg

"Gamers should feel confident about investing in an Xbox One."

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XiNatsuDragnel2513d ago

Greenburg the amount of lies is strong with you. Even so, why not show teasers or hints.

Again, the problem is that your lineup is super thin and people aren't confident in your product.

Abash2513d ago

He has destroyed his own credibility too many times to count over the years. I'm surprised articles written about something he has said have not been banned from N4G yet.

2513d ago
XiNatsuDragnel2513d ago


Predictable, Dude don't understand how thin their lineup essentially is.

They've little 1st party and barely 3rd party games exclusive to them. It doesn't matter how early show, if there's nothing to show people aren't just going to hop on your platform.

stuna12513d ago


Here's a example; If you were confronted with someone who pulled a gun out on you, but you pull out a gun also, but here's the thing, your gun doesn't have bullets. Are you going to tell the other guy!?

thekhurg2513d ago

Well Phil said at E3 that they had many new deals in place, but that the games wouldn't be ready for several years. Basically admitting they have very little for the remainder of this generation. We all know that in a few years the PS5 and another xbox console will be on the market.

Shin-Zantetsuken2513d ago

Wow! Really?? When are those games coming Greenburg?? When the generation is over?? it is already 4 years in to generation!

TheKingKratos2513d ago

Greenberg: "We have soo many ga....."

Gamers: "Cut the sh1t, back to your cave"

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kitsune4512512d ago

It's like I wake up everyday now waiting for the next hilarious thing he says.

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IGiveHugs2NakedWomen2512d ago (Edited 2512d ago )

I agree. When it comes to Microsoft Xbox, having a "I'll believe it when I see it" attitude will serve you well.

They could at least tell us the name of the developers who are "supposedly" working on new games. If they are so worried about announcing games too early why mention that they have games in the pipeline at all? I know why, because they will say anything to get you to buy their plastic box and I'm sure that you're one of their loyal customers.

butchertroll2512d ago

So, Halo 6, GeOW 5, Forza Horizon 4 are games that gamers never heard about them

JaguarEvolved2512d ago

Who would believe anything this guy says after knowing he constantly tell lies? This guy even lies about what an exclusive title is. I remember hearing a few fanboys telling me that Microsoft had over 40 exclusive at e3 2017 but after watching it myself I realized that they were just repeating lies by microsoft

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lelo2play2513d ago

Greenburg isn't lying. XB1 does have many unannounced games in development... multiplatform games by 3rd party studios.

XiNatsuDragnel2513d ago

Dude no.... PS4 for a fact and guaranteed exclusives by 1st and 3rd party while Microsoft we don't know yet. Sony just does it at the right time and right amount to give us the consumer confidence that there product has substance for years. While Microsoft either the same three or nothing at all.

KwietStorm_BLM2512d ago

I think what lelo said clearly went over both of your heads. So quick to pounce on Xbox, you didn't even get the joke.

Cueil2512d ago

I love house people can't read anymore

Shiken2512d ago


I came literally just to say this...

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen2512d ago

"Greenburg isn't lying. XB1 does have many unannounced games in development... multiplatform games by 3rd party studios."
That sounds about right.

yeahright22512d ago

"I love house people can't read anymore "


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Cyfyxtfg2513d ago

Because crackdown, fable, and that dragon game. They learned their lesson. Keep your games close to your chest and silence the haters next year microsoft 👌🏽 Plenty of mulitplats to relax.

trooper_2513d ago

Definitely sarcasm, right?

stuna12513d ago

At this point Microsoft can never relax! Power without substance is redundant. The thing is I don't know if Microsoft supporter realize the impact of just going along with Microsoft interpretation of "For the Gamer" mantra by providing games that have released 2+ years in the past as some type of boon for gamers continued support!? It kind of leaves the impression that Microsoft has their fanbase right where they want them, Asleep!

segamaniaco2513d ago

So stop teasing every week "we got lots of unannounced games" shit

rainslacker2512d ago (Edited 2512d ago )

I think if more people are asking what the hell they have to offer for the next couple years, or the remainder of the generation now vs. the number of people who seem to be concerned about long lead time to launch, it might be worth actually answering that as opposed to acting like they're just trying to show off closer to release.

Only games which work with short announcement to release windows are well established IP's which already have a fan base. Given MS general portfolio, this means we can expect Forza, Gears, and Halo.

The haters MS doesn't have to worry about. No one was worried about this early announcement stuff except MS fan boys in an attempt to put down Sony. Most Ms fans have no problem with earlier announcements.
Sony fans have no problem with them. Only MS and it's fan boys seem to have the problem with it. There is no reason for MS to hold back unless they just don't have much to show.

Cyfyxtfg2511d ago

@trooper no not sarcasm . Were still recovering from the don mattrick era. Phil did not have his work cut out for him and has had to make hard decisions. Games like crackdown and scalebound would hurt the brand. I prefer Microsoft but im not a PS hater. I loved my ps4.

@stuna - Microsoft has nothing to prove at all. Since phil has took them helm he’s only made good gaming decisions. He understands what gamers want. We will get some good ass exclusives in time but it doesnt happen over night. People are clearly interested in the new console, our lobbies are full, plenty of updates (microsoft investing in its service). These doomsday predictions are ridiculous.

@rainslacker thats your opinion. While i usually dont care if thwy announce a game early, i feel that ALL games are announced to early these days. Thres too much coverage of games and no “wonder” when they come out. Also Microsoft keeps shooting themselves in the foot with these questionable games. Just keep it close to the chest and make a good ass game is all i ask. Announce when its READY