SOCOM Confrontation 1.50 Patch and Extension

Early next week, the SOCOM team will be releasing the SOCOM Confrontation Public Beta 1.50 Patch. In order to have ample time to test it, they are also extending the Public Beta until midnight PDT Thursday, October 9th. They will have more details on the patch itself soon.

The team are using these extra few days to test the patch but are still on schedule to release in North America on October 14th.

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mindedone3791d ago

This will make a lot of weekend SEALs happy today, including me. Maybe we can get the stat boards back, hmmm?

Veryangry_bot3791d ago

Its good to be a PS3 owner.

So many Triple As. So little time. Ah it feels good.

joebahrjoebahr3791d ago

to sit around and suck the penis of a video game all day?

its like your whore. you touch it and feed it money all day...

after you write your comments do you sit back and look at the screen and say " yeah dude, i totally told them?.

your an idiot.

Mr PS33791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

He has to spell his name Twice

rexor07173791d ago

Just to many good things to play on the Ps3. No joke. Wipeout and LBP are enough for me

Bennosaur3791d ago

This game could be great but sadly the mic support on the PSN is still lacking. Its my biggest gripe with the PSN and I think its diminishing the gaming experience of several games that rely on voice chat. SOCOM being one of them. It wont be enough for it to be optional with the game. It needs to be standard with every console. It's the main reason I chose to buy online multiplayer games for the 360 and it's so easy to put right.

Kevin McAllister3791d ago

I don't think that'll be an issue when the real game launches. Everyone who needs a mic will be picking up the bundled version just like on PS2.

mariusmal3791d ago

im on the same boat as you mate. i choose COD4 on the xbox because of the voice chat. i still think that all ps3 must bring a cheap headset like the x360

Rico_Suavez3791d ago

I have no idea what you are talking about... I have been playing the Socom beta since it started and every room i been in only about 1 or 2 people did not have any mics.

mindedone3791d ago

I think people make a bigger deal out of it than is warranted. At least for SOCOM.

Panthers3791d ago

Ya. Once this game launches, you will see people being voted out of rooms if they do not have a mic. it is important.

LegendKillar3791d ago

the majority of people i have seen are using mics in the beta.....

thor3790d ago (Edited 3790d ago )

Voice chat has never worked perfectly on any game I've owned on PS3. I don't remember it being flawless on any PC games either, though it was a lot better. It's not the quality, rather, I can't hear anybody else speaking, yet I can see that they are speaking. This is even if I try to hear them through the TV. The best I get is garbled noise (happens in a lot of games). Sometimes it works, though I've never managed to have a conversation with anyone. This is the fundamental thing that needs to be fixed. I have a headset, and a Playstation Eye to speak through, but I don't use them. There must be many people like me.

The solution would have been to standardize a voice chat system between any number of people, and then get each individual game to just latch onto that. This would enable cross-game chat, universal voice chat options, make it much better optimized and always have proper voice servers. That's not an option now.

SRuN43790d ago

I'd rather have limited mics instead of listening to nonstop garbage come through them.

Plus you obviously haven't played the beta, let alone a SOCOM game in the past, sure there are people without mics but it's few and far between.

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PAPERCHASER03963791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

You are full of crap with that negative comment I am positive you have not played the beta or more the less own a ps3. We have had no mic issues in the socom beta only some lag issues and stat display problems due to server or patch, so stop giving false info out to promote your fanboyism.

edit: You can purchase a 10.00 usb headset at best buy and other places so they are not expensive so whats the point that of saying why not include? And his point being was socom where in game chat works fine

mariusmal3791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

sorry but he isn't being a fanboy. i own a ps3 and a x360. i play cod4 on live and almost everyone has a headset.
my two friends who have cod4 for ps3 say they play for days without finding another person with a headset. and my experience in various games on psn just corroborate their statements.

we are just stating the facts. ps3 should put in their sku's a cheap headset.

just because some ppl like to troll doesnt make us all troll's or fanboys. we are all players, we play games not consoles. i love all consoles

Rico_Suavez3791d ago

Yeah you have 2 friends that can not find anyone else on PSN using mics. I highly doubt that. Facts? Don't make me laugh.

comm133790d ago

I would have to mute most of the players. Too many immature kids.
Why are you making this a big deal? When you find someone using mics and it is SOOOOO important to you, add them to your friends and be done with it.

Obviously you have not played cod on ps3 because I came across many people playing with mics.

Do not assume.

mariusmal3790d ago (Edited 3790d ago )

am i not entitled to my opinion ? damn why is that so hard to get that i was just stating my opinnion ? i own both consoles dammit, i buy games for both regularly. i was just saying that live is superior in terms of features and performance. yes psn is free, wich is great. but you get what you pay for.

Bennosaur3780d ago

I infact do own a ps3 and was in the beta for SOCOM. Yes most people do have mics, but most don't actually speak on them and those that do often sound muffled. I use a bluetooth headset for it (one I got with my old phone). I didn't intend my comment to be negative, I was just saying that there needs to be a standardised system. Which sony have announced they are doing in the 2.50 update, High quality mode they are calling it. Although tbh it shouldn't be a mode, it should be standard. I do love my ps3 and I want it to kick the 360's ass but when it comes to in game chat, so far this generation 360 is winning. hopefully not for long though.

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